Husqvarna Group’s Construction division has acquired Diamond Tool Supply, Inc. (DTS) based in Michigan, a leading producer of polishing and grinding diamond tools for concrete, stone and terrazzo.

“The acquisition of Diamond Tool Supply reinforces our position as a market leader of complete solutions for the construction grinding and polishing industry,” says Henric Andersson, President of Husqvarna Construction Products,

The acquisition will add sales of around USD 5.8m, mainly in the US, to Husqvarna Group’s Construction division, based on the full year 2015 accounts. Diamond Tool and Supply has around 70 employees.

“With the acquisition of DTS brings a strong customer base that will continue to support and expand as well as manufacturing operations in Bulgaria, both clear assets to our diamond tool business,” continues Andersson.

The acquired operation will be included in Husqvarna Group’s accounts as of May 3, 2016.

Husqvarna Construction Products

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