The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), an association of contractors, engineers, consultants, and manufacturers that work together to improve the understanding of and training within the concrete repair industry, has announced the launch of updated branding to accentuate the association’s vibrant, cutting-edge membership. The organization’s past branding had been in place since it was renamed from the International Association of Concrete Repair Specialists (IACRS) almost 30 years ago.

“For the past 30 years, we’ve built a strong brand reputation to improve the quality of concrete repair through education and communication. Our new logo better communicates what ICRI stands for today. We've kept visual elements that reflect our heritage, but we made enhancements and added a tagline that emphasizes our forward-thinking mindset and objective to drive innovation and focus on sustainability,” said ICRI President Chris Lippmann. “The marketing committee, chaired by Jessi Meyer, did an incredible job creating this new brand. The rollout of the new ICRI logo and tagline is brilliant and I could not be more excited to be a part of it.”

Branding research and discovery led ICRI to a new brand — which now evokes a modern and memorable message, while projecting leadership, strength, professionalism, and innovation. The new ICRI branding also stresses the importance of displaying that it is forward-thinking, and inclusive to a wider, more diverse demographic. While all of these terms and messages were incorporated into the new design, it was also important to keep the international/global theme top of mind, while elevating the brand to a more modern, yet timeless look. The new logo was developed in order to elevate the brand to better reflect ICRI’s current position and values, as well as to better align itself with evolved attitudes, practices and changing demographics within the industry, the general public and ICRI’s growing membership.

For more information about ICRI’s history, please visit the ICRI webpage.

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