Did you know that the world’s greatest juggler is now in the concrete business—seriously! A profile in the online magazine Grantland, shows the incredible talents of Anthony Gatto, who takes juggling (and performing) to previously unheard of levels. Most people probably don’t think of juggling as a sport, but it is the way Gatto does it—watch him set the world record for juggling seven balls. But, as with all athletes, Gatto has retired and now runs Big Top Concrete Resurfacing in Orlando, Fla. He’s gone from juggling to concrete microtoppings—now he’ll be juggling customers and concrete materials instead of balls.

Is it Summer Yet?

Sitting in on ACI Committee 305, Hot Weather Concreting, at the spring convention revealed that the old battle lines still exist. There was a lot of discussion about being forced to stick with the ASTM C 94 requirement of rejecting a load of concrete if it’s over 90° F, 90 minutes since batching, or mixed for 300 revolutions (something Committee C9 is currently trying to change). The best comment was that we keep allowing engineers to specify what happens on site, rather than insisting that the responsibility be delegated to contractors and producers who know what actually works in real life.

Optimism Abounds

Manufacturer exhibits spread out for what seemed like miles in all directions at March’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas. The biggest convention center in the U.S. was not enough to hold it, with exhibits overflowing into the adjacent hotels and parking lots. Wherever I went the aisles were full of construction guys and gals looking for the latest and greatest equipment, materials, and services. Although most of the recent indicators of the construction economy have been positive, from the strong turnout at World of Concrete to forecasts by the industry’s leading economists, any lingering doubts were put to rest at CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

Recognizing David Somero

The single most valuable addition to the concrete flatwork contractor’s equipment fleet over the past 25 years has been the Somero Laser Screed. Nothing else has had so much impact on the way concrete slabs are constructed. Tommy Ruttura says it has added years to a flatwork finisher’s working life by saving his back. Now ACI agrees. David Somero, inventor of the Laser Screed, was awarded the Charles S. Whitney Medal “for revolutionizing the installation of high quality, economical concrete floors, slabs, and pavements, and for his improving of construction systems for productivity, quality, and reliability via his creative, faster, and safer processes.”

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