Most people wouldn’t think of Nebraska as a hot-bed of concrete innovation. But with Jereme Montgomery as executive director of the Nebraska Concrete & Aggregate Association (NC&AA), it has become just that. I recently spoke at the NC&AA Quality Concrete Conference and learned that in the Cornhusker State, 75.5% of the state’s 5.1 million square feet of parking lots in 2012 were made of concrete. Montgomery attributes this remarkably high percentage to the number of outstanding concrete producers and contractors. I attribute it, in large part, to Montgomery’s aggressive marketing.

Weekly Newsletter

A weekly photo-heavy report to project management soon evolved into an important marketing tool for George Reimann at Agate Concrete, Scottsdale, Ariz. “I distribute this report to all interested parties,” says Reimann. “Owners and GCs of projects represented in the report, vendors who have supplied material to the project, and subcontractors who have provided services to the project. Vendors forward these reports to their customers, display them at their counters, and take pride in being represented within the report.” Check out some samples; here and here . It might be something to consider for your business.

ACI Convention

By the time you receive this magazine, the World of Concrete will be over and 2013 will be off to a strong start for the concrete construction industry. The next important event for you to consider is the ACI Spring 2013 Convention in Minneapolis, April 14 to 18. Contractors who go to an ACI convention are often surprised to learn that it really isn’t just for engineers. For example, there’s a session on the use of monitoring equipment during construction, things like concrete maturity, early-age shrinkage performance, or curing effects. There also is a session on responsibility where you can learn “how the responsibility for a good project must pass between and among good parties.”