Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association consisting of civic organizations, fire service professionals, architects, engineers and industry experts committed to enacting safer and more sustainable building standards, welcomed the International Longshoremen’s (ILA) Local 1291 as a new member of the coalition.

ILA 1291 is a Local that has served the Port of Philadelphia for decades, and their commitment to fire safety has formed the foundation for a partnership with Build with Strength. The dramatic rise in mid- and high-rise combustible framed fires over the past decade has presented challenges in communities across the United States to implement effective solutions.

“Our dedication to Philadelphia extends beyond our Local, and at the end of the day it is essential for our members and community to live and work in fire-safe buildings,” says Boise Butler, President of ILA Local 1291. “Our alliance with Build with Strength has been a natural next step to solidifying our commitment to fire safety and prevention.”

As the population of Philadelphia and other urban centers across the US increases, the demand for housing is continuing to grow. To safeguard these communities, particularly low- and moderate-income residents at greatest risk, Build with Strength is working to strengthen building codes to require the use of non-combustible materials.

"Our partnership with ILA Local 1291 gives us an incredible opportunity to strength our understanding of local needs, work together to develop stronger building codes and educate the community on the importance of building with non-combustible materials,” says Kevin Lawlor, a spokesperson for Build with Strength. “The Local, under the leadership of Boise Butler, is unwavering in their dedication to fire safety in the city of Philadelphia.”

Build with Strength works with communities, lawmakers, and industry employees to advocate for safer, sustainable building materials. Strengthening local and national building codes is among the organization’s top priorities.