Concrete repair projects offer a unique opportunity not only to restore the performance of structures but to enhance their value as well. Designers often select coatings for their performance properties, such as weather resistance, vapor permeability, resistance to chlorides and carbonation, and flexibility. However, selecting coatings for their influence on appearance is just as important, and the design possibilities are many, since protective coatings are available in different colors, sheens and textures. Color plays an important role because it can express the scale, volume and function of a structure. Texture plays an equally valuable role, allowing repair contractors to hide patches that would otherwise show through smooth coatings. And in conjunction with color, texture can be used to mimic a certain architectural style or a specific construction material, such as stucco or adobe. Most important, color and texture can add value to a structure by giving it a distinct identity and enhancing its curb appeal, resulting in higher resale values or higher occupancy rates.