Environment-friendly cold-asphalt mix

Unlike traditional cold asphalt, Green Patch does not contain carcinogenic petroleum-based solvents like benzene and kerosene and thus produces no VOCs. It uses biodegradable solvent produced from renewable and sustainablesources and poses no danger to the environment, wildlife, marine life, domesticanimals, or humans. Green Patch is endorsed by the National Green Energy Council. Cold Mix Manufacturing. www.greenpatch.com.

Safe and stylish eyewear

Luminary safety eye wear are lightweight.

4/5oz. - for all day, everyday wear. Lens options include clear, gray, orange, silver mirror,and clear anti-fog; all lenses include anti-scratch coating. They're designed for style, comfort, and securitywith flexible temples and a rubberized fingertip nosepiece. Gateway Safety Inc. www.gatewaysafety.com.com.

High-performance erosion shield

The INFI-SHIELD one-piece molded external seal installs easily to prevent erosion and infiltration in manholes or catch basins. It's produced from EPDM rubber with a preformed L-shaped corner and adhered withnon hardening butyl mastic. Sealing Systems Inc. www.ssisealingsystems.com.

Two-speed brine producer

The ABS-1500 Salt Brine automatic batch system is designed for the continuous production of brine solution. The solution is manufactured from a mix of granular salt and standard tap water - up to 4,000 gal. of brine per hour (depending on the available tap water). The system features one pump doing the work of two, with both high and low speed flows. GVM Snow Equipment. www.snowequipmentsales.com.

Biodegradable pet trash bags

The oxo-biodegrable Greener Litter Pick Up Bags for pet waste are formulated to oxidize through exposure to oxygen and then fragment into smaller pieces, resulting in a minimal amount of water, CO2 and biomass. No longer made with the controversial corn starch additive associated with biodegradable food sources and products, these bags reduce the environmental impact of bagged and disposal dog waste. DogiPOT. www. dogipot.com.

Super service vehicle

The Multi Service Vehicle includes fulltime four-wheel drive, hydrostatic braking by all four wheels, wheel motors, storage compartments, high-performance cooling system, fresh air filter, and safety interlocks that reduce the potential for unsafe operation. MB Companies Inc. www.m-bco.com.

Dump body for year-round use

The DyanHauler/MDC dump body, available in 9- to 12-ft. steel, aluminum, or stainless-steel beds, is easily outfitted with snow plows and/or spreaders. Built for a medium-duty truck, it comes with several ready-to-work features including sideboards, retractable ladders, and cab protectors, so the truck can be used year-round for road maintenance, material hauling, construction, and recycling applications. J & J Truck Bodies & Trailers. www.jjbodies.com.

Crushes concrete and asphalt

Making its U.S. debut, the Stone & Rock Crusher has a dual-side belt drive, hydraulically controlled rear hood, and three carbide hammer designs for multiple applications, including asphalt and concrete road construction and maintenance. PTH USA. www.pthusa.com.

Alternative-fuel sweeper

The Pelican three-wheel broom sweeper now comes with alternative-fuel powering - compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), or propane - for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The single-engine sweeper features high maneuverability, visibility, a 10-ft. sweeping path, and a heavy-duty No-Jam debris conveyor. Elgin Sweeper Inc. www.elginsweeper.com.

Upgraded floodlight: twice as bright

The Pioneer Plus Super LED Floodlight is twice as bright as the original Pioneer, with single and dual lightheads that provide 5,000 to 10,000 usable lumens. It does not produce UV rays and has instant on/off capability. The floodlight is sturdy, long-lasting, and versatile, designed with rugged aluminum and a varietyof mounting applications. Whelen Engineering Co. Inc. www.whelen.com.

Sustainable streetlight

The environmentally friendly LED way Streetlight contains no mercury or other hazardous materials, reducing light pollution and the carbon footprint. It offers improved light control and uniformity over traditional fixtures, with a longer life rating that nearly eliminates maintenance needs and operating costs. BetaLED. www.betaled.com.

Multi-option speed sign

The SPEED sentry Shield radar speed sign is lightweight (22 lbs.), durable, and environmentally sound. With 15-in. digits and a temper/ shatterproof design, it can be quickly and easily installed and maneuvered, andhas several mount configurations including pole, trailer, and vehicle. The batteries are lithium ion with a solar-assist option, providing long life and up to two weeks of run time between charges. All Traffic Solutions. www.alltrafficsolutions.com.

30-ft. - clearance storage facility for salt, sand

The Hi-Arch Gambrel is the permanent building designed to solve all of your sand and salt storage needs. It is economical and built to last, with a 30- to 40-year roof guarantee and the choice to design your structure based on your specific requirements. It has higher wall and interior clearances than other storage buildings with a minimum 30-ft. clearance, enabling more storage per square foot. Saves money with less downtime, elimination of conveyors, and no runoff. Advanced Storage Technology. www.saltstorage.com.

Build strong blockades fast

Using welded mesh framework and geotextile lining, the Concertainer Unit system quickly builds up wall structures and barriers of extreme strength. The system arrives preassembled, requires no labor, and is cost efficient. Applications include wetland restoration, elevating levees, emergency flood protection structures, and prefabricated concrete forms. HESCO Bastion USA Inc. www.hesco-usa.com.

Rubberized traffic-calming bolts to surfaces

Traffic Logix Interlocking Traffic Calming solutions are constructed with interlocking rubber units that connect to each other and lock together, immediately, bolting into the road surface. Simpleremoval and reinstallation is available. The modular units can be used to construct speed humps, speed tables, and speed cushions. Vortex Insurance Agency LLC. www.vortexinsuranceagency.com.

Advanced route plan technology

This GIS-based optimization software is compatible with ESRI 9.3.1 technology, enabling the use of Microsoft's Bing (Virtual Earth) imagery to be projected onto generated route plans. RouteSmart Technologies Inc. www.routesmart.com.

Dual-function platform/material handler

The L40 40-ft. aerial work platform and crane is lightweight and fulfills double the functioning, both as a platform and as a material handler. It has a 45-ft. working height, 500-lb. platform capacity, and mounting ability on a 19,500-lb. GVWR chassis. It is one of the largest platform, side reach, and material handlers in itsclass. Elliot Equipment Co. www.elliottequip.com.

Electric-heat pothole patcher

The all-in-one FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher is equipped with an insulated electric-heat system that maintains constant temperature and extended pliability for asphalt. The potential safety issues of propane or heating oil use are eliminated. It can also be plugged into an external power source, allowing consistent temperatures over prolonged time periods. The optional swing auger system delivers asphalt material in a wide 8.7-ft. swing - ideal for simple repair of shoulder, curb, and gutter deterioration. Bergkamp Inc. www.bergkampinc.com.

Long-lasting basin cleaner

The Camel sewer & catch basin cleaner uses an ejector-plate unloader that enables faster, cleaner debris removal and washdowns, and a water waste recycling system that allows for full-day operation without the need to replenish the water supply. Designed for easy operation, cleaning, and maintenance, it features an internal body flush-out system for fast and efficient dumpster cleanup. Its single engine design lowers fuel costs and sound levels. Super Products LLC. www.superproductscorp.com.

Wallet-conscious track pads

The redesigned Poly Bolt-On Tufpads Hightop Track Pads for asphalt milling machines are now available with a 14- or 16-inch polyurethane bolt-on track pad so customers receive more than 1¼ inch of wearable material, which increases the life of the track pad by 50%. Users save money as well - 35% to 40% in replacement part costs due to the reusability of the steel grouters and 50% in replacement labor costs, due to the ease of installation and removal. BLS Enterprises Inc. www.tufpads.com.

From tracked to four-wheel in four hours

The Cameleon provides full-year performance and stability, able to convert from a tracked to four-wheel drive articulated vehicle in less than four hours. Features include a thorough oscillation and articulation system designed for low maintenance; two hydraulic cylinders for improved steering control; air conditioning; an integrated PTO system; compatibility to various attachments including lawn mowers, snow plows, and snow blowers; and safety features such as a pressurized cab with ROPS and FOPS. R.P.M. Tech Inc. www.grouperpmtech.com.

Construction cone that sticks

An upgraded version of the original 14-in. DisposaCone is now available at 17 in. The disposable traffic barricade is recyclable, portable, and weather-resistant. Its base is adhesive, so it sticks to almost any surface, horizontally or vertically. Vanguard ADA Systems. www.vanguardonline.com.

Remote-operated LED sign

The CMS-GP432 portable and changeable message sign provides three lines and 12 characters, graphics and animations, nine font sizes, and 199 preprogrammed messages. The sign uses the SOLAR Primary Power Charging System, is ITMS work zone compatible, and has the option of remote operation via cellular, wireless, or landline. American Signal Co. www.amsig.com.

Sun-charged compactor

A solar-powered trash compactor, the BigBelly Solar doesn't need direct sunlight. It comes with integrated recycling units and a wireless monitoring system - when full, each individual compactor sends a signal to alert staff that it's time to be emptied. The enclosed design blocks pest obstruction. BigBelly Solar. www.bigbellysolar.com.

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