Graffiti removal products

The Max line offers six graffiti removal products including: Elephant Snot (Gold Max) for deep-penetration cleaning of porous surfaces; Smooth Max for nonporous surfaces such as automotive finishes and polished stone; and the company's newest product, Max Swipes Towelette for convenient, virtually odor-free removal of paint, permanent marker, and other marks from smooth finishes such as lockers, playground equipment, and stainless steel. Graffiti Solutions Inc.

Long-range laser methane detector

Lightweight and compact, the LaserMethane mini (LMm) detects ppm levels of methane from a distance of up to 328 ft. Portable and handheld, the long-range instrument weighs 1.3 lb. and measures 2.8x7x1.6 in. It features automatic ranging, color LCD, a five-hour battery, extended temperature range, and IP54. The unit complements the LaserMethane Detector and uses the next generation of Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy. Crowcon Detection Instruments.

Herbicide applicator

The Wetcut Herbicide Applicator, designed for the company's Tiger Flail and Rotary mowing systems, provides maintenance departments and road supervisors with total control over tough vegetation in a single pass—saving time and fuel. This system allows the operator the ability to mow, mow and spray, or just spray. It features a single-switch control system that automatically adjusts the application rate as it monitors vehicle speed and sprayer system pressure. It can be purchased with the Aqumix RTU (Ready to Use) system or as a tank-mix system with tank sizes from 15 to 150 gal. Tiger Corp.

Automated tipper for rear loaders

Rear loaders equipped with the Arlock tipper can securely latch onto Dumpsters then tip, dump, return, and release in a single, automated motion. It locks onto both sides of a dumpster's trunions; latching arms pull up as the kick bar pivots upward to tip and empty the trash container. Meanwhile, the tailgate plate extends to eliminate the gap between tailgate and Dumpster, preventing re fuse from escaping. The extendable tailgate increases hopper capacity between cycles by up to 25%. Wayne Engineering.

Graffiti shield system

Graffiti Shield is a two-part system: the first part is a protective, clear coating that seals previously painted substrates, and the second part is a spray-on cleaner that easily removes graffiti, pollution, and dirt from the coated surface. The coating is water-based and can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray equipment. United Coatings.

High-viscosity drum pumps

With the ability to empty a wide variety of containers in various applications, the FPUD500 series of high-viscosity drum pumps come with totally enclosed fan-cooled or air-driven motors. The pump tubes—rated at 200° F, 15,000 cps viscosity, and 1.8 specific gravity—are constructed modularly and supplied separately for maximum flexibility. Lower viscosity pumps are also available. Omega Engineering Inc.

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