Automated brine maker

The AccuBrine brine maker is ideal as a pre-treatment for deicing and snow removal applications on roadways. The machine makes large volumes of brine quickly and has an automated control system, allowing salt concentration to be controlled and consistent. The machine is constructed of non-corrosive, marine-grade fiberglass. It features a bottom-down water flow design, which produces brine with less sediment and minimizes flow meter and pump-seal failures. Cargill Deicing Technology. APWA Booth 2237.

Pothole patcher

The FP5 flameless pothole patcher has an insulated, 5.1-cu.-yd., electric heated hopper that maintains asphalt pliability and temperature. The patcher's pavement breaker removes the damaged area, while the air and tack wand removes debris and applies tack coating to ensure that new asphalt binds. New asphalt is delivered by the material chute and consolidated by the plate compactor. Both the pavement breaker and compactor are moved by a hydraulic lift platform. The hopper features bi-fold steel doors and an agitator. The machine is available in either a trailer- or truck-mounted version. Bergkamp Inc. APWA Booth 2307.

Truncated dome tiles

These Americans with Disabilities Act certified truncated dome tiles comply with safety standards for curbs, ramps, rail crossings, and platforms. The tiles are available in replaceable cast-in-place form, cast-in-place form, and replaceable surface-mounted form. With security fasteners, the replaceable cast-in-place tiles can be removed and reinstalled as necessary. The replaceable surface-mounted tiles are secured with mechanical fasteners and structural adhesive. The tiles—available in yellow, black, gray, white, and brick red—can support 9000 pounds without damage. United Rentals. APWA Booth 937.

Utility locating system

The UtilityScan-270 is a ground-penetrating radar system that locates metallic and non-metallic utilities, such as plastic and terracotta pipelines, cable, voids, tree roots, and underground storage tanks. The 270-MHz antenna can detect utilities that are 20 feet below ground. 3-D data—which can be stored on a removable compact flash data memory card—are displayed on a full-color transflective display screen. Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. APWA Booth 2620.

Manhole protector

These protector rings are designed for raised manholes. Made from recycled rubber, they allow motorists to drive over exposed risers safely. The rings are 2 inches thick and are available in three sizes. The MPR31 model has an outer diameter of 48 inches and an inside clearance of 31 inches. The MPR26 model has an outer diameter of 48 inches and an inside clearance of 26 inches. The MPR10 model has an outer diameter of 29 inches and an inside clearance of 10 inches. American Highway Products Ltd. APWA Booth 946.

Storage structure

The Hi-Arch Gambrel building is designed for salt and sand storage. With an interior clearance of 30 feet, the structure accommodates inside dumping and operation, which minimizes handling, runoff, and operating costs. Conveyors are not necessary to fill the building. The storage facilities can be customized and expanded upon. Advanced Storage Technology Inc. APWA Booth 1333.

Trench drain system

TraffikDrain is a trench drain system that is installed on the side of the road running parallel with traffic on roads, highways, and bridges. The system—which is part of the ACO ROAD line of trench drains—features iron grates and an internal polymer concrete cavity that collect stormwater to eliminate flooding. ACO Polymer Products Inc. APWA Booth 2707.

Manhole lift system

The magnetic manhole lift system models feature a foot pedal instead of a hand-operated lever to lock the magnet onto the manhole cover. The system is available in three magnet sizes. The heavy-duty magnet holds up to 300 pounds, the supreme-duty magnet holds up to 600 pounds, and the mega-duty magnet holds up to 800 pounds. U.S. Saws. APWA Booth 228.

Facility planning assistance

The assistPRO program helps public officials and fleet managers plan vehicle maintenance facilities through training courses and a Web portal. The training course—which is eligible for continuing education credits—includes information about lift regulations and design considerations. The program considers vehicle turning radius and traffic flow of new or redesigned facilities to create an ideal custom layout, which is available as a PDF document, color print, or CAD drawing. Rotary Lift Inc. APWA Booth 2928.

Percussion bucket

The PicBucket percussion bucket 2000 series is ideal for excavation work, trenching, and demolitions. Powered by a hydraulic hammer, the buckets work in frozen ground and also can demolish concrete and asphalt. They are available in 12- or 24-inch versions. The 400-pound hydraulic cell power generates a percussion frequency of 1350 bpm. This attachment can be used with most small and medium-sized carriers. Powertech Canada Inc. APWA Booth 943.

Maintenance management software

The Quartermaster Module is an inventory control program ideal for fleet managers. The software allows users to create, track, and award bids; order and receive from winning bids; allocate items; and create specialized reports of order history and other information. CollectiveData Inc. APWA Booth 2721.

Construction management software

Appia electronically organizes important project information and manages the status of project phases, estimates costs, and manages bid letting. Construction management also can be managed via the Web, allowing access to information on and off construction sites. Info Tech Inc. APWA booth 1519.

Street and sidewalk sweeper

The 636 Hi-Speed Green Machine is ideal for sweeping streets, sidewalks, parking lots, curbs, and garages. The four-wheel drive vacuum sweeper is equipped with a four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine that allows it to travel at 25 mph. It has a turning radius of 21 feet, and a 47- to 71-inch sweeping path. The machine features a 1.33-cu.-yd. hopper for debris, such as bottles and small rocks. The Cloudmaker fine-mist sprayer minimizes dust. Applied Sweepers Inc. APWA Booth 1136.

Mobile data terminals

These vehicle terminals can be custom designed and are ideal for a variety of uses, including automatic vehicle location, data logging, dispatching and job management, and vehicle system monitoring and display. A variety of standard models are available, and they can be altered to fit the user's needs. Data terminals are available with lighted keypads, grayscale or color liquid crystal displays, and can be holster- or panel-mounted. QSI Corp. APWA Booth 307.

Grinding attachment

The Street Hog is a hydraulically powered attachment that grinds, mixes, and mills soil in and on the street. The device is ideal for soil stabilization, stump grinding, root removal, site preparation, asphalt milling, and trenching for pipe and utility work. It is available in milling widths of 18 to 96 inches. Milling depth ranges from 8 to 16 inches, and horsepower ranges from 130 to 250 hp. Fecon Inc. APWA Booth 2310.

Motor grader

The M-series motor graders have two electro-hydraulic joysticks rather than multiple levers, simplifying operating duties. The 120M, 140M, and 160M models have an all-wheel-drive option, allowing them to work in snow, mud, and sand. The machines have operating weights of 29,000 to 145,000 pounds, power between 125 and 500 hp, and blade lengths of 12 to 24 feet. The motor graders meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations. Caterpillar Inc. APWA Booth 514.

Gas detector

The GasAlertMicroClip detects hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and combustible gas concentrations. The device measures 4.2x2.4x1.4 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces. It operates with one button and is equipped with standard data and event logging. The monitor is powered by a lithium polymer battery that can be recharged in three hours and has a run-time of 14 hours. There is an internal vibrating alarm and a 95-decibel alarm tone. The device includes a stainless steel belt clip. BW Technologies by Honeywell. APWA Booth 2044.

Grease liquefier

Jet Power II is a grease liquefier that dissolves and homogenizes grease so it cannot re-coagulate. The product is ideal for grease removal in sewer lines. It is non-petroleum-based, biodegradable, non-caustic, non-acidic, and non-corrosive. The product can be applied with standard jet trucks and equipment. Duke's Root Control. APWA Booth 1920.

Management software

This software manages the planning, scheduling, and progress of projects. Users can analyze past work history to determine resource requirements for current projects. The software also can evaluate average daily production and manage work distribution schedules. It prioritizes maintenance tasks by assessing condition, inspection results, and public surveys. Cititech Systems. APWA Booth 1042.

Ground protection mats

Designed to protect lawns and landscapes from heavy vehicle damage during construction, utility work, and other jobs, these ground protection mats lock into place to form a continuous roadway or platform. The mats can withstand 60 tons and are made of ½-inch-thick polyethylene. They also feature a slip-resistant tread that provides traction for pedestrians and vehicles operating in mud or sand. The mats are available in black or white and come in a variety of sizes. Alturnamats Inc. APWA Booth 2622.


The model 500x high side dump regenerative air sweeper is a vehicle ideal for municipalities and highway departments. The dump height ranges from 2 to 11 feet, and the dump cycle is 68 seconds. The sweeper features a stainless steel, 5.7-cu.-yd. hopper, and a scissor lift with a 10,000-pound lift capacity and self-lubricating pivots. The Tilt-n-Seal blower system ensures a long seal life between the hopper and the sweeper's blower housing. TYMCO International Ltd. APWA Booth 2116.

Snow-clearing vehicle

The SW 48 HY model is ideal for clearing snow from sidewalks during the winter. The vehicle features a hydrostatic drive system. Plowing attachments include the 48-inch V-plow, and the 58-and 70-inch straight plow. For light snow clearing, users can attach the hydrostatic front-mounted sweeper. The vehicle also has a computer controlled salt/sand spreader with a high-volume capacity. A two-stage twin auger hydrostatic blower attachment is available. Other features include an adjustable steering wheel, adjustable air suspension, and rubber mounted cabs. Camoplast Inc. APWA Booth 740.

Plow controls

The Patrol Commander ultra series controls are ideal for medium- and heavy-duty spreader plow trucks. The control allows users to operate the machine with one hand. It features four programmable four-axis floats and a dash-mounted remote display with on-screen text and audible diagnostics. The direct liquid application feature allows users to control anti-icing material applications with options for multiple lanes and high- or low-boom applications. Force America Inc. APWA Booth 2402.

Valve exercising equipment

The Valve Star G3 is ideal for valve and hydrant maintenance. The equipment features GPS capabilities and a color screen. Users can log a variety of data, including revolution count and amount of torque applied to the valve or hydrant. The data is GIS compatible and will work with any Access database program. No special software is required to transform the data into spreadsheet form. Hurco Technologies Inc. APWA Booth 1528.

Multi-purpose truck

The versatile U500 can be equipped with three attachments ideal for municipal tasks: a street sweeper by Schwarze Industries, a combination mower by Mulag, and a hook lift by Stellar Industries. The A7000 regenerative air street sweeper has a 138-inch sweeping path, 8.4-cu.-yd. hopper, and a 250-gallon water holding capacity. The front-mounted MKF 600 combination mower has a large and small mower head to tackle open and tight areas. The hooklift loader has a 14,000-pound capacity. Unimog North America. APWA Booth 2716.

Paint striper

The AL120-EZ is an airless pickup-mounted latex paint striper. It has a stainless steel paint tank with a bolted removable top, making cleanup easy. The machine features dual paint filtration with a Y strainer at the base of each paint pump, protecting the check ball and seat from debris. EZ-Liner Industries. APWA Booth 1119.


The LED UltraStar can withstand high vibration from large vehicles. The beacon is multi-voltage (12- to 24-V direct current) and features LEDNode technology, which uses long-life LEDs and a high-intensity flash. There are 10 different flash patterns that draw a maximum of 1.2 amps. The beacon is equipped with 1-inch pipe, magnetic, and j-bolt mounting options. Federal Signal Corp. APWA Booth 1411.

GPS system

The GPS-based locator system is ideal for repair crews navigating underground assets, such as splices, service drops, service tees, and valves. The system reads the location and collects data about the utility within 10 to 15 feet of the buried asset. The data is then imported in GIS software where it can be generated into drawings. Applied Field Data Systems Inc. APWA Booth 216.

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