Night-vision vehicle camera

The Wedge camera system eliminates blind spots on any vehicle, even at night, to reduce accidents and insurance claims. The product features nine infrared LEDs, a waterproof camera, and a durable housing (machined out of a solid, 2-lb. block of aluminum). The housing design allows the unit to be mounted in a wide variety of configurations. Pro-Vision Video Systems.

Personal gas monitor

The ultra-compact GasAlertMicroClip offers simultaneous monitoring of up to four gases. Features include a built-in, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, rugged housing, and single-button operation and calibration. It recharges in as little as three hours. The unit comes with 16 hours of standard data logging of up to 10 events, for accurate records of a user's work day. BW Technologies.

Artificial rocks

The company crafts custom sculpted rock formations for parks, landscaping, retaining walls, and other applications. The structures are created out of shot-crete and can be installed in both cold and hot climates. The formations can be created with a wide range of colors and textures to blend in with any environment. Boulderscape Inc.

Turf-protecting mats

AlturnaMats protect the ground from the impact of equipment weighing up to 60 tons. They can also be used to guard pavement and decorative pavers from getting torn up by steel tracks. The mats are made of ½-in. polyethylene, with diamond-plate treading available on both sides. Sizes up to 438 ft. are available. AlturnaMats.

Vehicle washing

The company's Automatic Vehicle Wash System features rugged construction, cost efficiency, and safe operation. Use the product to clean refuse, recycling, and concrete trucks; construction equipment; and other vehicles. All wash phases are activated and shut down automatically with sensors and timers. In addition, the cleaning-agent dispenser is metered to provide accurate measurement and minimize waste. Rieskamp Equipment Co.

Polymer concrete barrier

Visi-Barrier is a precast polymer concrete traffic barrier designed to serve as a permanent device. A continuous stripe consists of highly retroreflective glass beads for year-round, all-weather visibility. The surface resists corrosion and delivers high compressive and impact strength. Choose from full- or half-jersey barriers, or an F shape; in addition, custom sizes and colors can be ordered. Transpo Industries Inc.

Low-dust sweeper

The VCS sweeper features a high-volume fan that pulls in air from the sweeping chamber and filters dust out. Four casters and a parallel linkage suspension allow the vehicle to follow ground contours independently of the attached loader. The floating brush stays in contact with the ground while throwing debris into the hopper. Also, the hydraulic dump allows disposal of debris at the loader's maximum lift height. Options include a gutter broom and water dust suppression system. Paladin.

Rust inhibitor

Fluid Film is a lanolin-based formula that protects all types of metals from corrosion. Use it on trucks, lifts, loaders, bridges, mowers, and other machines and infrastructure to extend their useful life. The substance creates a non-drying protective layer impenetrable by moisture. Because it will not wash off with rain, it can be used on equipment stored inside or outdoors. The product is easy to apply, removable with mild detergents or degreasers, and environmentally safe. Eureka Chemical Co.

Precast bridge sections>

These units are designed for installation in places where box culverts can't carry the required flow, uninterrupted opening spans are needed, natural stream beds are desired, or short installation time is a must. The precast bridge units can carry highway traffic with little or no cover. Choose spans from 12 to 32 ft. Connections for wing walls, head walls, parapets, guard rails, and other appurtenances are available. Hanson Pipe and Precast.

Load-covering tarp

The Super Slider cable tarping system now comes with automatic rear closing. Unlike most cable systems that use a rear flap to contain the load, Super Slider's rear closer feature automatically closes to seal off the load at the tailgate. This enhancement eliminates the need for the operator to climb up on the tail-gate to fasten it down. This saves time, provides a better seal, and creates better aerodynamics for improved fuel mileage. Pulltarps Manufacturing.

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