Is this the direction your compensation's heading in?
Adobe Stock/singkham Is this the direction your compensation's heading in?

Since we launched our annual salary survey in 2006 (see all the results since then here), we've watched the public sector adopt measures private-sector employers use to hold the line on rocketing insurance costs: pushing more of the premium onto employees and/or increasing co-pays. State and local governments cut a lot of heads during the Great Recession and, for a long time afterward, pay increases barely covered those rising costs. Net result: no real increase in compensation. Has that changed? We don't think so, but we're not sure. Please set us straight by taking this year's salary-and-benefits survey. Not even the American Public Works Association gathers this information, so we feel it's very important for the profession as a whole. Click here to complete the questionnaire and thank you!

P.S. We always get the most responses from EPA Region 5. I don't know if that's because the Public Works office is in Chicago or if we friendly Midwesterners just can't say no. Either way, thank you to my friends in the great states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Those of you in other EPA regions -- represent!