Cartegraph supports the public sector with a wide range of services from pavement management system implementation and right-of-way asset collection to GIS data reviews and operational dashboard setup. In addition, the organization offers two web-based asset and work management tools—Cartegraph OMS and Cartegraph AMS—to help agencies capture data, analyze it and prepare for the future.

AMS is an infrastructure asset management system that empowers small communities to collect assets, assign work, and monitor costs through an Android or iOS device. Best described as “asset management in your pocket,” the new product is part of Cartegraph’s ongoing mission to help cities of all sizes manage assets effectively, deploy resources efficiently and become more productive for their citizens.

AMS works with Esri's ArcGIS platform. Users are able to collect assets, assign work and monitor costs from their mobile device, by simply signing into the system through their web browser. These resources—including a summary of their asset inventory, conditions and costs—support a data-driven approach to preparing budget proposals, justifying needs to council and communicating with citizens.


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