No contractor is likely to have a staff of expert cameramen. Yet it is possible for you to gear up to make high quality movies that will enhance your business in a number of ways. Well-prepared job shot films can be used to study the efficiency of the job, illustrate job capabilities in soliciting cost plus contracts, serve as job records for future reference and protection from litigation, serve as public relations information for use in schools, civic organizations and professional groups, and demonstrate the use of now techniques or materials for the benefit of professional audiences. The first task in movie making is to outline just what is pertinent ti be photographed. Sometimes it will be necessary to confine the filming to a single method or process; other times several can be included. In either case, the message should be presented simply enough that it can be comprehended in a single showing. It is probable, however, that a movie will be reviewed again and again by some viewers. The matter of reviewing is actually a major advantage of movies- films can be studied frame by frame for close scrutiny of a process. While cinematic quality or innovative techniques shouldn't be compared in terms of special effects, the movies should be esthetically pleasing and, most important, informative. One of the important keys to success is that the people who do the work should be people with an intimate knowledge of the work they are portraying. Thus either a knowledgeable person must become an experienced photographer or a good photographer must become knowledgeable about concrete construction. With either route, the results can be gratifying and profitable.