New to World of Concrete 2015, the Concrete Slab Construction Showcase will feature several examples of the newest techniques contractors can use to form, place, treat, or repair concrete on flatwork applications such slab-on-grade, elevated floors, and pavements. Each of these customized activities is designed to encourage attendee interaction while learning a new construction activity.

This Showcase Activity will consist of two slab areas.

First, Lura Enterprises will demonstrate how to use a roller screed on a curve. Placing concrete on curve with a large radius can be difficult. Contractors often add finishers for the placement process to keep it at desired rates. Using a roller screed can minimize crew size without sacrificing efficiency and helps ensure that the fresh concrete is struck off with minimum working.

The second demonstration by MultiQuip will showcase how to create a high-gloss concrete slab without polishing. In recent years, there has been a great deal of research on how to efficiently create a polished concrete floor. One recent innovation has been the systematic approach that combines placing, power troweling, and curing to create a serviceable, durable, and flat polished surface with equipment most concrete contractors already own.

Register for World of Concrete 2015 and mark your calendars to stop by the Gold Lot, Tuesday, February 2-Thursday, February 5, during show hours to check out the Concrete Slab Showcase.