Municipalities, counties, special district, townships, and other local government agencies are eligible to apply for $25,000 in free equipment use to help offset the costs of building or repairing a critical piece of local infrastructure. Deadline for entry is April 18, 2017; winners will be announced in May.

This is the second year Case Construction Equipment offers the "Dire States" grant, which asks applicants to describe how a public works project will benefit the community. Last year's grant was awarded to the Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Eligible projects include road/bridge repair or construction, utility pipe replacement, erosion control along lakes and rivers, wastewater system improvements, and park/recreational construction. In fact, any project that falls within the 16 core categories of infrastructure, as identified by American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, will be considered.

“Last year, we received submissions from all over the country, describing struggling infrastructure projects of all sizes,” says Scott Harris, vice president – North America, CASE. “These projects have a direct impact on the people of those communities, and we are looking forward to awarding this grant again in 2017.”

The grant is named for CASE’s infrastructure awareness and advocacy initiative, Dire States, which evolved from a national tour in 2013 that focused on raising awareness of America’s ailing infrastructure into active campaigning for specific programs and legislation.

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