Oregon inmates junk their jail

In late April, “guests” of the Jackson County Jail in Medford, Ore., once again flooded the facility by clogging the toilets, sending water and waste spilling from the second-level hallways down to the first level. The jailbirds apparently clog the toilets so that the system gets drained, making it possible to shout messages to inmates on other floors.

Artist creates ‘emotional' GPS

Christian Nold is using volunteers and global positioning systems to cover major cities around the world. Participants record their feelings and reactions to sights they encounter; Nold uses the data to create multi-colored displays that show where in a city participants reported both positive and negative experiences, and why.

County dunks boozing honor

South Korea's Koesan County has wisely decided to can its “Drinking Culture Prize”—given to workers who visit local watering holes to gather citizens' thoughts on city services—after complaints that the award promoted drunkenness among municipal employees. One past winner had his driver's license yanked in 2005 for drinking and driving.

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