Solar-powered compacting trash can

With a crushing force of 1,250 lbs. and capacities ranging from 160 to 240 un-compacted gallons, the Big Belly reduces collection requirements by holding five times as much as ordinary receptacles. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel, polycarbonate shield and ABS plastic sides, as well as bolts that hold it to the ground, make units difficult to steal or vandalize. Operated by a rechargeable 12 V battery, the fully automated machine senses trash level, fullness, and machine status. Maintenance includes annual chain lubrication and battery replacement every four to five years. Free savings analysis available. BigBelly Solar. Booth 1443.

Mobile work bay

MP Series lift capacities range from 9 to 160 tons. Available in sets of 2, 4, 6, and 8 columns, each column can be programmed to operate one, pairs, or all columns. Safety features include pressure-compensated flow-control valves, velocity fuse valving, and all-position mechanical safety locks that engage every 3 in. Adjustable lifting forks and retractable front casters standard; ALI/TL-certified. Mohawk Resources Ltd. Booth 321.

Instant compressed air

This manufacturer of heavy-duty onboard air compressors and throttle controls introduces an under-the-hood air compressor system for the 2008 GM 6.6L Duramax V8 that delivers up to 70 cfm and 175 psi. The rotary-screw compressor has a 100% duty cycle and weighs 150 lbs. Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors. Booth 1041.

Do-it-yourself belowground maintenance

If sewer crews can use a jetter or vacuum truck, they can restore flows with minimal expense, training, and exposure to injury. EPA-registered for use in all 50 states, the patented RootX foaming root-control formula incorporates an aquatic herbicide that contains no diquat bromide, copper sulfate, or metam sodium. RootX Root Control Corp. Booth 1823.

Hybrid stormwater treatment

The Modular Wetlands System combines conventional wastewater screening, separation, and filtration with bioretention in a precast concrete structure that simulates a wetland. In addition to nutrients and bacteria, the system treats fine suspended solids, oil and grease, sediments, heavy metals, and particulate and dissolved metals. Bio Clean Environmental Services Inc. Booth 1746.

Distributor adds another crane line

This national source of pneumatic controls, hydraulic systems, cranes, and hoists adds the full line of MaxiLift cranes, outriggers, and pads to its product line, which also includes Cobra, MaxiStab, and Ant cranes; Little Tipster dump bodies; and Dickey-john electronics for ice-control applications. Del Hydraulics Inc. Booth 736.

LED for old-style fixtures

With finials that enhance its turn-of-the-century feel, the 16½-in. x 32-in. Model LAE LED provides 90 W of illumination housed in a clear or opal textured polycarbonate lens. Whether wall- or pole-mounted in single, dual, triple, or quadruple clusters, the fixtures can be combined with a wide range of arms, poles, and bases to complement its historic styling. It's also available with metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps, and UL-listed for wet locations. U.S. Architectural & Sun Valley Lighting. Booth 840.

15-second disinfection

With this cart-cleaning service, a hybrid washing truck follows waste vehicles, picking up empty garbage cans with a robotic arm and turning them upside down inside a chamber where they're “blasted” clean with EPA-approved biodegradable fluids. Wash water never hits the street. Services 600 households per day; contracted citywide. Blast-N-Clean. Booth 1937.

4-in. dry-priming pump

With a flow capacity of 1,450 gpm and a shutoff head of 130 ft., the 4JSCM handles up to 3-in.-diameter solids. The dry-priming pump is available with a sound-attenuating canopy. Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co. Inc. Booth 2533.

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