Construction and multipurpose pumps

WT Series pumps feature an easy-start engine, rugged full-frame protection, quick-release clean out, and Silicon carbide mechanical seals. The series includes trash pumps (pictured) with replaceable stainless-steel wear plates for pumping water contaminated with sticks, leaves, stones, and other waste materials; a diaphragm pump for wastewater containing up to 2.4-in.-diamater solids; and a multipurpose pump for moving clear water as well as industrial and agricultural chemicals. Honda Power Equipment.

No welding necessary

The non-penetrating Magnemount Cable/Cable Tray Holding System provides an option to welding and epoxy attachment methods. It provides a non-penetrating solution to securely carry cables across and down the curvatures of steel water tanks, eliminating the need for recoating the steel on the inside and outside of the water tower tank. Designed to withstand up to 150-mph winds, it can be placed on steel water towers or legs with a diameter as little as 4 ft. Metal & Cable Corp.

Eliminate costly backflow

In outfalls, stormwater, CSO, and SSO applications, the CheckMate Inline Check Valve is a custom-engineered, all-rubber unibody that eliminates costly backflow. Its unique elastomer fabric-reinforced design provides a proven record of maintenance-free performance. It can open to a near full pipe diameter and maximizes the flow capacity of the outfall, which is particularly beneficial in low-lying areas where limited driving head is available. CheckMate Valves are readily available in 4- to 72-in. sizes. Tideflex Technologies.

Portable pump and vibrator

The Porta Series includes the PortaPump and PortaVibe. PortaPump removes standing water from footings, trenches, and sections of road. The PortaVibe vibrator is easy to use, portable, and requires no outlet (like the pump, it runs on Honda four-stroke, 35-cc engine). PumpBiz Inc.

Concrete mix provides more coverage

The Maximizer high-yield, high-strength concrete mix provides 67% more coverage than conventional concrete mixes for an equal weight of material. The uniform mix is easier to mix and apply, reaching a maximum compressive strength of 5,500 psi. Sakrete, A Div of Bonsal American.

With hook lift attachments, equipment's never idle

From leaf vacuums to augers to material spreaders, the company offers many unique attachments for its Ampliroll hook lift system - so your truck can be used for a variety of applications all year long. Ten models are available, with lift capacities ranging from 6,600 to 65,000 lbs. The telescopic jib concept enables perfect load distribution for all truck bodies.Marrel Corp.