Jersey barrier and guardrail striping system

Used in conjunction with Diamond Vogel Paint's horizontally applied reflective paint and beads, Ultra Guard dramatically reduces nighttime accidents. EZ-Liner Industries.

Works with LED and HID lights

Combine the L300 controller with the company's Lumen IQ adaptive management system to cut drive current by 30% at installation and even further over time. Like other "intelligent" networking systems, IQ monitors the performance of individual streetlights, automatically alerting crews to failures, and tracks energy consumption. Streetlight Intelligence Inc.

Easy to install and relocate

Comprised of a pivoting sign, a solar panel, and a control box, the SwiftSign is smaller and costs less than a variable message board but is more versatile than a printed sign. Designed for emergencies and difficult-to-access locations, the sign is activated with a radio frequency (RF) unit, cell phone, or Web-based application. Add flashing lights to increase nighttime visibility. Versilis Inc.

Levels with wave technology

With Wave-and-Read technology, the DL-500 digital levels series includes an additional survey style option that allows a rod person to wave the staff back and forth instead of keeping it plumb. When standing vertically, the reading becomes the minimum; as the staff is waved, the least value is read, reducing errors and operator eyestrain. Random-Bidirectional (RAB) code provides an optimum digital processing algorithm for staff reading. Invar-, fiberglass-, and aluminum-RAB-code staffs are available. Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.

Eliminate soil loss in sloped areas

Consisting of straw and reclaimed cotton plant materials blended with proprietary tackifiers, HydraCX2 Extreme Slope Matrix and HydraCM Steep Slope Matrix hydromulches dramatically reduce soil loss from sloped areas. In tests, HydraCX2 demonstrated 100% soil protection while HydraCM showed 99.7% effectiveness. North American Green.

Pop-up tent shelter

These portable, one-piece tents are tough shelters that can stand up to all kinds of bad weather. Featuring rubber, nonslip feet, they can be set up by one person in seconds. A variety of styles and sizes are available. Hi-Line Utility Supply Co.

Excavator guidance system

Earthworks X300 excavator guidance system integrates Crescent Vector GPS compass technology to measure and display 3D excavating positioning. It provides real-time visual feedback on the position of the bucket teeth relative to design grade surface. It also functions in a full 2D mode when jobs don't require a 3D design file; a touchscreen interface guides operators through 2D jobs. Hemisphere GPS.