Sustainable precast concrete products
PSC roadway products include 18- or 24-in.-high straight curbing in lengths from 2 to 6 ft., radius curbing in many standard radii from 2 to 70 ft., radius corners, angled corners, inlets, and sidewalk ramps. Curbing products are delivered with layout drawings, loaded in sequence, and are clearly labeled for easy installation. Precast Specialties Corp.
Biodegradable, recyclable vehicle cleaner
Galaxy Green Sheen 1850 can be used in any brand of washing system. The neutral?pH formula replaces alkaline and acid with a phosphorus?free surfactant, eliminating the need to monitor discharge and store hazardous chemicals. Can be applied under low pressure and doesn't require hot water. Rieskamp Washing Systems.
Deter birds from open spaces
Bird?B?Gone Mist is a humane product that releases a fine mist in the air to deter pest birds from open spaces. The unit distributes methyl anthranilate, a grape extract used for flavoring grape soda and candies, that irritates birds' trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes through entry in the eyes, nose, or mouth. Birds do not like the sensation and will take flight from the treated area. From the control unit, users can attach up to 64 misting "drop" units, controlling each individually. Each drop station covers about 6,000 to 8,000 sq. ft. Bird?B?Gone.
Better anaerobic digestion; faster ROI
When compared to standard and egg digester technologies, the Momentous Flow mixing system offers faster installation, lower O&M costs, and efficient generation of reusable energy from methane capture for anaerobic digestion in wastewater. It uses a single Z/T=3.0 axial impeller with no baffles in the upper part of the vessel to create centrifugal force. That force pushes membrane methane bubbles from anaerobic digestion to the center of rotation, where they quickly coalesce and escape from the liquid into the collection cap. The methane is then harnessed to power digestion operations, which reduces or eliminates the need for grid power. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions.
Piston pump features top-head motor and odor control
Featuring a field serviceable pneumatic top-head drive motor that's easy to repair, the Vector piston pump design is ideal for landfill leachate, gas condensate recovery, and gas-well dewatering applications, as well as side slope risers and horizontal wells. Because the driver air never contacts the liquid being pumped, it eliminates fugitive exhaust emission and associated odor problems. A fluidic switch controls pump speed, reducing the risks of overpumping, silting, and clogging. The weather-resistant pump's speed control mufflers are located on the driver's side for easy adjustment and maintenance. Blackhawk Technology Co.
Dual?purpose software tracks all assets
In addition to monitoring and recording vehicle performance, J.J. Keller Mobile helps managers keep track of and comply with regulations ranging from employee background checks and qualifications to accident tracking and IFTA (international fuel tax agreement) reporting. J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.
Protects cable under bridges
The Flame-Guard conduit thermal protection system withstands heat up to 1,600º F. The panel system is installed under bridges where telecommunications distribution systems are located. Standard panel sizes are 8x96 in. and 16x96 in. It addresses the threat posed to cable and conduit systems above the sloping embankments underneath bridges by vandals and transients, whose fires may damage the systems. A-D Technologies.
Portable heater
The Maxi?Heat portable heater has a new fan?motor combination and increased static pressure by 200% allowing it to now accommodate up to 110 ft. of 16?in. ducting. It is used for applications such as cement curing, equipment pre?heating, and general heating. Allmand Bros. Inc.
High-efficiency sand media filter
The 36-3 high-flow, high-efficiency sand media filter is designed for all types of general filtration applications in which sediment removal is the primary goal. The unit filters up to 425 gpm while operating at pressures up to 100 psi. The AC- and DC-powered automatic filter backwash controller allows for both timed pressure differential or manual backwash intervals. It may be used as a stand-alone filtration system for dewatering and can clean water prior to offsite discharge as well. Rain For Rent.
Cost?saving GPS solution
Managers use FleetBoss GPS to enforce idling policies, sequence and tweak routes, automate time clocks to reduce overtime, confirm pickups, automate service schedules, prevent unauthorized vehicle use and side trips, and receive real?time engine alerts. Fleetboss GPS Inc.
NSF?certified molded grating
The non?fire retardant polyester Duragrate NPP and vinyl ester Duragrate NVE molded grating have received NSF-61 approval for use in temperatures up to 140º F. Both the NPP and NVE molded grating products are the first in the industry to receive both hot and cold temperature approval by NSF International, which develops standards for public health and safety. The products are designed for use as flooring in water and wastewater treatment plants because the grating is strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. Strongwell.
Brush cutter
The FRM70 Brush Hog brush cutter is ideal for clearing rights of ways and debris, as well as for habitat restoration, park trails, and path maintenance. It features a reinforced front bush bar design to direct and push trees over. Cutting productivity is maximized with a bi?directional direct drive gear motor. Four 12?in. dual?sided rotary axe blades offer cutting action on both sides. It cuts up to 6?in.?diameter brush and its smooth deck surface minimized debris buildup. It fits skid?steer loaders running 21 to 45 gpm. Fecon Inc.