General Shale, a leading North American manufacturer of brick, one of the world’s oldest green building materials, has produced a new brochure entitled “Natural Beauty for Commercial Projects.”

This eight-page production showcases today’s newest trends regarding application possibilities for one of mankind’s most time-tested and trusted building materials. No longer just one basic size in one basic color, General Shale’s brick palette includes modern hues such as oatmeal, silverstone, graystone, chestnut, cascade white, baystone, tan velour, smoke gray and cascade white rockface. “Other brick color options range from traditional reds and earthtones to pastel pinks, misty grays, browns and deep burgundies,” stated Jim Riccio, General Shale’s Thin Veneer Product Manager. “Our new brochure offers a good overview on how any desired ‘look’ can be created using today’s brick.

“Even more practical advantages for outdoor and indoor applications are now attainable for architects specifying thin veneer brick. It can be used to successfully clad small interiors… or, large exteriors such as major sports facilities,” mentioned Riccio.

General Shale’s Senior Architectural Representative Matt Mara added, “We’re now producing bricks using white clay, which gives a crisper, cleaner color tone to gray and pastel bricks. This is something architects in particular will be interested in learning about. When people go through our new Commercial Brochure, their first thought could probably be that ‘this isn’t my grandfather’s brick!”

To obtain either a PDF or hardcopy version of “Natural Beauty for Commercial Projects,” please log on to General Shale’s website:

ABOUT GENERAL SHALE Throughout the U.S. and Canada, General Shale operates manufacturing facilities in nine states and provinces, in addition to a network of 31 distribution centers across the United States. General Shale was founded in 1928 and is headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee. The firm is a premier supplier of building materials including architectural brick, building stone, thin veneers, landscaping, concrete block, outdoor living products and other building materials.

General Shale

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