American Public Works Association (APWA) members recently elected George Crombie, MPA, as president for the coming year. Crombie is senior faculty member for public works administration in the MPA program at Norwich University military college in Vermont.

Crombie, who has a long history of serving in leadership positions with the APWA, is also president of Crombie Management Consulting, which specializes in public works/utility management, education, and sustainability management. He previously served as secretary of natural resources for the State of Vermont, overseeing more than 600 employees and an $80 million budget. His career has included public works directorships in Durham, N.H., Burlington, Vt., Nashua, N.H., and Plymouth, Mass. He also served as undersecretary of environmental affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This year Crombie was named an honorary member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers for his contributions to the environmental engineering field.

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