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A ready-mixed concrete producer and two concrete contractors in Wisconsin teamed up to help get a lady a driveway. Seventy-five year old Colleen Fellrath was left with no driveway for four months after hiring a contractor who abandoned the job.

Fellrath had paid this shady individual upfront for the cost of removing her 49-year-old driveway and placing a new one. On May 12, the contractor completely removed the worn-down slabs, left for the day, and never came back. Fellrath was left with only a pit of dirt.

After months with no driveway, Fellrath’s daughter posted on Facebook looking for advice on what to do. The post quickly received many responses, including one from a friend who knew people at Concrete Concepts & Construction, a contractor based out of New Richmond, Wis. After hearing the story, the owner of Concrete Concepts, Josh Elsenpeter, decided to step in to see what he could do.

Elsenpeter told his crew about Fellrath’s situation and asked if they would like to volunteer their time to place and finish the driveway. His team was happy to help. Needing extra help and equipment for the job, Elsenpeter asked the owners of Jensen Concrete, another contractor based in Rosemount, Minn, if they would also volunteer their time and equipment. Additionally, ready-mix concrete for the driveway was supplied by County Materials, who worked with both contractors to reduce the cost of the materials and delivery for Fellrath.

Crews arrived on the morning of July 19 and began working. By the end of that day, 131 days after her original driveway was torn out, Fellrath was excited to show off her brand-new driveway, walkway, and front steps just in time for winter.

County Materials Corporation is a 70-year-old faily-owned business based in Marathon, Wis, where it was founded with a single block machine in 1946. The company employs more than 1,500 people in 40 locations, supplying products for growing communities across the country. For more information go to

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