Autism is a brain development disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate and interact with others and places a major financial hardship on the family of those affected. Much of the necessary funding and support comes from individuals and families of those with autism, or people and organizations aware of someone with the disorder.

One such organization is AirWorx Construction Equipment & Supply, an equipment rental, sales, and service company in Indianapolis. Vice President Scott Huggins, who has a child diagnosed with autism, and President Dick Kagy decided that they wanted to do something to help ease the burden on families affected by the disorder.

Huggins contacted Tim Morris, vice president, market development and sales for the Americas, JLG Industries. Huggins wanted to see if JLG would work with AirWorx to produce a uniquely designed boom lift that could help promote autism awareness.

The 86-ft tall boom lift, painted bright yellow with red and blue jigsaw piece graphics, will be rented and 20% of the income donated to fund autism-related activities. It is anticipated that over $7000/yr will be generated.