Hohmann and Barnard, Inc., a Mitek/Berkshire Hathaway Company, and the leading manufacturerof reinforcement, anchoring systems and accessories for masonry and stone, announced today that ithas acquired Blok-Lok, Ltd. of Toronto, Canada

Blok-Lok, Ltd. has built a nearly 5-decade reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of wirereinforcement and ties for masonry in Canada, and they have alsosupplied numerous prestigious projects in the United States.

"We are proud to join forces with a company with such a long-standing reputation for quality productsand service," stated Ron Hohmann, Sr., Chairman and CEO of Hohmann & Barnard, Inc. "This unionwill present numerous opportunities for both of our companies, including increased buying power,enhanced geographical reach, and the inherent synergies of complementary product lines."

Ron Hohmann, Jr., President of Hohmann & Barnard, Inc. stated, "All Blok-Lok executives andemployees will stay with the company. We look forward to their continued vision and expertise as theycontinue to build their brand and expand their market presence."

Scott Burns, CEO of Blok-Lok stated, "We are extremely pleased to be part of theH & B/Mitek team. While we look back with pride, this new strategic alliance allows us to look forwardwith confidence. The combination of industry experience, increased manufacturing capacity, along witha much broader range of products, will benefit both our existing and future customer base."

Hohmann & Barnard, founded in 1933, is based in Long Island, New York. For three generations, theHohmann family has served the architectural, design and building community with innovative solutionsto complex construction and design problems.

Blok-Lok Ltd. is based in Toronto, Canada, and is a leading manufacturer of masonry reinforcementsystems and ties for new construction, restoration and preservation.