LED street and parking lights

Home to the German manufacturer's North American assembly plant, Flora, Ill., is the first U.S. city to install Eco StreetLine. The 48-light module consumes 75 W and produces almost 5,900 lumens. One of the world's largest automotive aftermarket parts suppliers, the company says the fixtures cut energy consumption by 70% in the City of Lippstadt, Germany. Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. www.hella.com.

Filters power-line noise

Specifying an optional transfer switch that automatically activates the auxiliary driver when necessary eliminates nuisance switching from power fluctuations and adds 20,000 hours to the LEDgend's standard 80,000 hours of operation at 104° F ambient temperature. Available in three optical distributions: Type I (narrow asymmetric), Type II (medium asymmetric), and Type III (wide asymmetric). The modular design accommodates fixture upgrades. Surge protection includes drivers, photo controls, and relays as well as the LED itself. It's compatible with Acuity Brands' ROAM (remote operations asset management) technology for systemwide monitoring, control, and dimming. Holophane. www.holophane.com.


One-piece design works day and night

The solar-powered Solestrian's LED system provides 300 hours of operation from a single charge whether burning steadily or flashing. Made with 3M Diamond Grade sheeting, the sign's anti-twist feature ensures unit returns to original position after impact. It has a five-year battery. Impact Recovery Systems. www.impactrecovery.com.


Twice as energy-efficient

The updated solar-powered SpeedCheck radar sign needs half the power of preceding versions, lowering costs by requiring fewer or smaller solar panels and batteries. Information Display Co. www.informationdisplay.com.

Made from 90% recycled materials

In addition to minimizing overlapping horizontal footcandles, the LED Archetype offers one-way left and one-way right as well as Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) Type II, III, IV, and V distributions. Based on IES LM-79 and LM-80, the luminaire maintains lumen loss to less than 15% at 100,000 hours of operation in extreme environments without overheating. Standard LED driver features a zero to10 V dimming interface that allows zero to100% output when coupled with a control or dimming system; compatible driver options available for renewable energy systems. Kim Lighting. www.kimlighting.com.


No metal parts to rust or seize

Unlike heavier steel posts that sometimes shear off on contact, the 3-in. thermoplastic polyurethane Davidson DP 200 rebounds fully after being struck. It meets Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) requirements for channelizing devices and National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 350 requirements for Category 1 Devices. Pexco www.pexco.com.

Customizable entrance signs

Via Signs are available in digitally imaged high-pressure laminate with full-color graphics, or laser-cut and powder-coated steel for two-color artwork. Design options include truss and lattia ends, column banding, curved trusses, and 28 standard powder-coat colors in addition to custom colors. Signs meet ASTM International specifications for UV resistance, stain resistance, and the 5,000-hour salt spray test. Porter Corp. www.poligon.com.

Skidsteers' side lighting increases visibility

The 400 Series 3 skid-steer loader line includes eight models ranging from 57- to 83-net-hp and 1500- to 3000-lb. operating loads. Equipped with clean-burning Tier III engines, the models feature redesigned cabs with 7% increase in headroom, 6% increase in lap-bar width, improved visibility, ergonomic controls, and industry-first side lighting. Case Construction Equipment. www.casece.com.

Trenchers offer track option

Zahn R230 and R300 two-wheel-drive compact tractors now feature a track option. The heavy-duty tracks "walk" or oscillate 12 degrees, to provide greater traction for loading, unloading, and maneuvering over curbs or rough and uneven terrain. Operators can also travel over trenches - ideal for installing irrigation systems. A high-flotation design helps minimize surface damage to turf, sensitive landscapes, and lawns. The tracks do not increase the tractors' 36-in. yard gate. Ditch Witch. www.ditchwitch.com.

From summertime chores to snow removal

The WL 30 articulated wheel loader easily transforms from summertime "jack of all trades" to snow removal machine. Features include a comfortable, heated cab, adjustable seat, and intuitive controls. It's narrow enough to fit on sidewalks and low enough to fit under sidewalk canopies and other structures. The machine performs the same tasks as skidsteers, but faster, more smoothly, and with less fuel consumption and tire wear. Wacker Neuson.www.wackerneuson.com.

Wet-application shotblasting concept machine

Fully computer-controlled, the Macrotex (MAT) shot-blasting plant pioneers the use of steel shot, allowing pavement retexturing to be carried out in wet weather-including heavy rain. It shotblasts and cleans the road or pavement in one pass. The process is carried out by two linked vehicles, each carried on a six-axle tractor-trailer for a total working unit of 118 ft. The company plans to market the process by the end of the year, on a contract service basis. Klaruw Systems. www.klaruw.com.

Skidsteer with fast boom/bucket cycle times

The L185 skid-steer loader features an 82-gross-hp turbocharged engine and 7670-lb. breakout force. Operating capacity is SAE-rated 2500-lbs. and operating weight is 7135 lbs. Like all the company's skidsteers, it's equipped with a Super Boom vertical lift linkage for better dump height and reach, a long wheelbase for stability, and fast ground speeds. There are no rear towers to impair visibility. New Holland Construction. www.cnh.com.

Optimal PTO output for compact tractors

The CT335, CT445, and CT450 compact tractors now boast a semi-synchronized gear transmission (SST) option featuring 12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears with shuttle shift capabilities for ease of use. The SST provides optimal PTO output and efficiencies for mowing, tilling, and other rear PTO-demanding applications. The models are also ideal for applications where a specific speed needs to be maintained (i.e., spraying, seeding). Bobcat Co. www.bobcat.com.

Permanent ID enhances cart security

The company's recycling carts and containers feature optional permanent, molded-in company logos, tracking numbers, and other markings to promote cart security, deter theft, and easily identify carts and their contents. The markings are waterproof and weatherproof and are available on the company's entire line of recycling collection carts, containers, and tilt trucks. MOD Recycling. www.modroto.com.

Utility poles last up to 125 years

Constructed with polyurethane raw materials from Bayer MaterialScience, RStandard composite utility poles have reportedly withstood direct contact with both a tornado in Texas and harsh Scandinavian weather. Since many utility poles were erected post-World War II, most are made from wood, concrete, and steel. Unlike those poles, these polyurethane poles aren't susceptible to factors such as rotting, destructive pests, and corrosion. Resin Systems Inc. www.grouprsi.com.

TL-4 approved steel guardrail post system

The NU-GUARD-31 W-beam guardrail post system meets criteria for use as a Test Level 4 (TL-4) system, offering great cost savings by eliminating the need for offset blocks or a heavy, expensive three-beam guardrail. The guardrail post system uses specially designed RIB-BAK U-channel steel posts that allow a standard W-beam guardrail to rise during impact, dissipating energy and resulting in a smoother and more predictable vehicle direction. Nucor Steel Marion Inc. www.nucorhighway.com.

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