Cortec presents MCI Creteskin, an industrial strength release agent containing Cortec’s revolutionary patented Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI) technology. Cortec’s globally recognized MCI® technology protects reinforcing metal in concrete from corrosion, rehabilitates existing concrete structures and extends the life span of new structures. MCI Creteskin is carefully designed to provide powerful protection to equipment, vehicles and forms in the construction industry.

Once cured, MCI Creteskin provides an extremely durable and resistant surface that will stand up to high pressure and/or hot water washes typically used when cleaning concrete trucks and mixers. The coating allows easy cleaning with high-pressure water as an alternative to using abrasive blasting or harmful acids. Using MCI Creteskin will further reduce costs and water consumption by eliminating the constant need for cleaning your equipment.

MCI Creteskin enables reducing cleaning to once per week as well as reduced water consumption. It is chemically resistant to caustic soda and HCl and can also be used as a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. No acid is needed in cleaning.

Typical Applications

• Ready Mix and salt/sand truck chassis’ • Drum mixers
• Batching Plants
• Construction equipment
• Concrete forms and molds
• Scissors lift

MCI® Creteskin conforms to ASTM B-117, ASTM D-1748 and is RoHS compliant.

Cortec Corporation.

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