Series exhibits versatility of contractor-friendly solutions for wide range of infrastructure Applications.

What: Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, has launched a series of how-to videos to help engineers and contractors tackle infrastructure repair and rehabilitation projects using Concrete Cloth™ (CC) material. The product is a flexible, cement impregnated three-dimensional fiber matrix that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, and waterproof concrete layer.

In addition to an overview of the geosynthetic cementitious composite mat product, the videos address how to apply CC in places that need protection from erosion or wear, including ditches and slopes, culverts, oil and gas piping, and more.

Why: The industry is faced with the challenge of developing cost-effective, high-performance technologies to rehabilitate aging infrastructure with minimal disruption to communities, local businesses, and even interstate commerce. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions is educating engineers and contractors about the innovative CC product to get ahead of potentially dangerous and costly repairs. Among its many benefits, CC materials are easy to install, comes in a variety of sizes to reduce the need for heavy machinery, and has a low ecological impact that meets ASTM and other standards.

Who: The videos are directly targeted towards savvy engineers, contractors and installers intent on expanding their scope of service within an array of civil engineering applications, replacing cast-inplace concrete, shotcrete, and other concrete lining products with the CC material.

Where: The video series can be viewed on the MIS YouTube channel,, and will soon be available through the company website.

Concrete Cloth is a registered trademark of Concrete Canvas Technology Limited Company, UK.

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions

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