MMFX Steel Corporation’s ChromX concrete reinforcing steel (rebar) products can now be specified under one ASTM standard.

MMFX offers a series of high-strength steel products with yield strengths in excess of 100 ksi that also provide varying levels of corrosion resistance. By utilizing these materials, designers can take advantage of the high-strength efficiencies and match the appropriate corrosion resistance for the targeted service life of the structure.

Making these desirable steel properties easier to specify within construction plans, ASTM International recently expanded its A1035 specification to include several steel chemistry compositions. With this new specification, scheduled to be published mid-July, engineers can clearly designate the mechanical properties needed to meet their design and owner requirements by calling for ASTM A1035 CL, CM or CS.

MMFX provides ChromX reinforcing steel products that meet each of the chemistries called for in the newly published A1035 specification with high-strength grades of 100 ksi or more. The MMFX products are also competitively priced to meet the needs of the owner.

ChromX 9000 (formerly MMFX concrete reinforcing steels) can be specified as A1035 CS either Grade 100 or 120. This chromium steel provides high corrosion protection for severe corrosive environments caused by seawater, aggressive soils and deicing salts. Designers can meet 100-year service life requirements called for on many infrastructure projects by applying ChromX 9000.

ChromX 4000 (ASTM A1035 CM Grade 100 or 120) offers the same high-strength benefits with a medium level of corrosion resistance for projects requiring only 40 to 60 years of service life.

ChromX 2000 (A1035 CL Grade 100 or 120) is a low cost product ideal for construction projects in which high-strength designs reduce the amount of steel used, improving constructability, and reducing construction time and costs for the owner.

“Designers can mix and match ChromX products, as well as use them alongside standard A615 reinforcing,” said Tom Russo, MMFX Steel Corporation CEO. “By doing so, they can efficiently construct the structure to meet the challenges of the given project, whether it be a high-rise building, bridge, seawall, or parking structure, to give just a few examples. The new ASTM A1035 allows engineers to easily call out within the construction plans the steel properties on which they are basing their design.”

All ChromX concrete reinforcing products have excellent ductility and tensile to yield ratios over 1.25, which is a significant advantage over other high-strength rebar products. These properties allow for the application of high-strength steel efficiencies using the same industry standards for handling and fabrication employed for conventional reinforcing steel, including the use of standard fabrication equipment.

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