One of the key factors to success in the construction industry is organization. Sounds simple, but ask yourself, “How organized am I?”

Structure in your office and commercial vehicles saves you time and money, plus it helps lower your stress level. Adrian Steel has some great tips on how you can organize your construction business – and keep it organized.

Office Organization
As with any endeavor, making sure your business has a solid foundation from which to grow is essential and keeping your office organized is your vital first step.
The biggest office headaches for construction contractors are paperwork and finances. Not sure how to get these two aspects under control? Should you use paper files or go strictly electronic? Should you keep your bookkeeping in-house or hire an accounting firm to do it for you?

When it comes to paperwork, going electronic can save you time, space, and hassle. But when it comes to important documentation about business purchases, invoices, and site information, it’s best to keep a hard copy as well. Doubling up on these types of documents can save you trouble should you encounter any computer problems. (Don’t forget to back up all your electronic files, as well.) Your bookkeeping decisions should be based on both the size of your business and the strengths of your office staff. If you are a small company and you have bookkeeping experience or a knowledgeable employee, keeping your financial duties on site will cut costs. However, if you are a larger business or do not have financial expertise in house, hiring out is a better option.

Vehicle Organization
The second step to great business organization focuses on your commercial vehicles. Whether your fleet contains 20 vans and trucks or two, keeping them well configured will go a long way in supporting and growing your business.
Your tools and equipment are integral to your business, and keeping them safely stored and easily accessible will save you time and money. Some great ways to organize your work vehicles include adding upfits including drawers, cabinets, aluminum toolboxes, and ladder racks. These additions will keep your tools exactly where you need them, which will also streamline job site tasks and inventory management. Storing equipment in cabinets fitted with locking doors and including partitions to separate tools from passengers will also help keep your employees safe.

By properly organizing your business office and commercial vehicle fleet, you will give yourself and your business the solid footing you need to grow and evolve. Looking for help organizing your vans and trucks? Visit Adrian Steel for more information on custom upfit packages for construction workers.

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