WeatherMax can be customized to meet specific applications

Safety Components' WeatherMAX fabric is the perfect balance of technology, toughness and customization. When combined, this precisely-crafted outdoor fabric can battle the elements with ease. Safety Components is able to customize WeatherMAX to meet particular requirements and provide the ideal performance for a specific application or market.

WeatherMAX was designed primarily for awning and marine applications. However, the core has high UV resistance, so it can be utilized in a wide variety of outdoor applications. "We often customize the construction of WeatherMAX," says John Pierce, WeatherMAX Product Manager. "It's also used in many applications where it is laminated, coated or part of a composite." In such applications, WeatherMAX's core properties of UV resistance, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability form the foundation of the fabric. Safety Components can then alter the moisture management, heat dissipation, weight, and tear strengths to best perform to a specific set of requirements.

WeatherMAX is already in use in standard or customized versions by the US, UK and Australian militaries for aircraft, weapon, vehicle and equipment covers. It is widely used by municipalities for agricultural covers where heat dissipation is critical.

Developed with breakthrough UV technology, WeatherMAX is unmatched in appearance and provides superior performance for long-term color and strength retention. Designed to be watertight and breathable, it features an exclusive HydroMax finish for unsurpassed water repellency and mildew resistance. WeatherMAX will outperform and outlast conventional outdoor fabrics, including acrylics and solution-dyed polyesters.

Safety Components.

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