Happy New Year! Where have we been, you ask? On the Internet, of course, like everyone else. This is the first of four issues you’ll receive this year because Public Works’ owner, like many publishers, wants to engage with readers online.

I have mixed emotions about this change. I've loved magazines since I was a kid. Flipping through them gives me a nice sense of control and, because the pages are bigger than most screens, they're easier for my middle-age eyes to read. On the other hand, I answer virtually any question anytime anywhere using my smartphone. When I started in this business, I went to the library to research a topic to spare sources the agony of bringing me up to speed. It took a long time and sometimes I couldn't find what I was looking for. Now I know much more before I contact you, so we can get right to the point.

Everything in this issue (plus more innovative project case studies, new products, and news than could ever fit in print) has been on our website for weeks. We also publish on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But how much access do you have to these platforms (especially social media) on your government-issued laptop, desktop computer, tablet, and/or cellphone? Do you visit us during the day? Get our free weekly e-newsletter (if not, I'll e-mail you a link)? I’d appreciate hearing what you think of this change. Public Works has served its audience since 1896 and, other than The APWA Reporter, is the only publication for members of this underappreciated profession. I fear losing a vital connection with the people whose work I try to champion every day. (E-mail [email protected].)

Then there are the people I work with every day to bring you this magazine. Please join me in thanking Americans with Disabilities Act columnist Michele S. Ohmes, whose "ADA Corner" blog won a Gold-level national award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors last year. After answering reader questions (and mine) about accessible design and implemention since 2010, she's taking a bit of a break. Her final piece is on page 16, but you can find all her columns here or e-mail her at [email protected].

Here's to our best year yet.