Eliminates need to mail and track stickers

To keep unauthorized traffic from entering three solid waste transfer stations in Plymouth, Mass., the public works department launched an automatic vehicle access control system. After strategically placed cameras capture and read a license plate, the system compares the number to a list of permittees, flags plates that haven't paid for a permit, and prints out a ticket.

“We stopped paying overtime for several weekends of inspection, and more than 700 citations have been written,” says Facilities Manager Arthur Douylliez. To provide the same level of inspection and enforcement, the operation would have had to post attendants at the stations for 80 hours/week.

Secure-A-Lot includes video cameras, computer, and software that enable the computer to watch the video, recognize vehicles, capture photos, and read the license plate numbers into a database. Because the system works with moving vehicles, control gates or road sensors aren't necessary. The Point-of-Sale and Customer Database solution provides full reporting for operations that lack the necessary information technology.

The system is available on a per-lane basis of monitored traffic. Secure-A-Lot, a div. of Vision Machines Inc. www.secure-a-lot.com.Circle 9.

Minimizes aeration system run time

The SolarBee's three 80 W solar panels displace the mixing energy of about 25,000 W (30 hp) of conventional mixing equipment, moving up to 10,000 gal./minute from depths of more than 100 ft. The unit's near-laminar flow controls algae in freshwater and odor in wastewater lagoons; and completely mixes any size potable water tank to reduce nitrification, temperature stratification, stagnation, and residual loss. SolarBee Inc. www.solarbee.com.Circle 10.

Drill-free installation

Automotive-style latches make the E-Line Model 143 saddle box easy to open even when wearing bulky gloves. When fully open, the cover sits at a 90-degree angle for unhindered access to contents. Knaack LLC. www.knaack.com.Circle 11.

Compact dewatering solution

With the most open filter screen area for highest throughput per dewatering channel, the 48-in. dual-rotary fan press provides more than twice the filtration of competitive products. Enclosed for a better working environment, the self-cleaning, continuous-operation unit moves at 1 rpm. It gives operators total control of process flow inside the press. Prime Solution Inc. www.psirotary.com.Circle 12.

Mobile power washer

Choose one of 10 gasoline-powered pressure washers, ranging from 3 to 5.6 gpm at 3,000 to 4,000 psi, to blast 200 gallons of cleaning solution at construction equipment and other dirty surfaces from the Trail Blazer. Hotsy Cleaning Systems. www.hotsy.com.Circle 13.

LED luminaire for corrosive environments

Though historic-looking, the acrylic Washington PostLite provides 50,000 hours of Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) RP8 asymmetric and symmetric distribution. Having passed the 1,000-hr. salt test per ASTM B-1117, the postop fixture works well for seaside locations. Holophane. www.holophane.com.Circle 14.

Grab-sample turbidity meter

Replacing the 2100P, the 2100Q's data-logging module stores up to 600 points in a removable USB port. The unit walks users through the single step necessary to calibrate and verify measurements of rapidly settling samples. It also verifies process turbidity measurements of the company's model 1720E. Hach Co. www.hach.com.Circle 15.

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