While the supervision of the work in this country is the obligation of the designer, there has crept into the code the words, "or his representative." This is cause for serious concern as to whither are we going- when the designer will not take the time to visit his own work and delegates it to "his representative." Because of this designers overdesign because of necessity. They feel they must protect themselves because they don't know if the contractor will be competent and where the materials are coming from. The problem is while they are protecting themselves, they are doing it at the owner's expense and that will eventually hurt concrete. There is no reason why quality should not be attainable by the architect simply by asking for it, and let the responsibility be that of the industry. To do this, architects must be able to specify within the contract that no concrete will be permitted on a given project unless it comes from a certified ready mix plant. This certification should be by a national board. Secondly, the architect should be able to specify that no work will be awarded to a contractor who is not qualified by the national board. How they qualify is not important. The important thing is to have something that can be taken away from a firm if it doesn't perform.