When describing RTA Version 7.2, Josh Turley, RTA’s CEO, confirms, “Since late last year, we’ve shifted from producing major, big-bang releases to smaller, more immediate impact releases."

“Version 7.2 represents a continuation of this strategy, with awesome user-requested features. I’m eager to see shops implement both the multiple mechanic feature and the updated brake inspections.” states Turley.

A major enhancement in this release is the ability to assign multiple mechanics to a single work order line. Controlled by user access rights, this allows the foreman to assign more than one mechanic to a job when the job needs it. It also allows the foreman to give control to the mechanic to request help on a job if needed. Scheduled time can be distributed manuallyor automatically.

RTA Version 7.2 also includes add-ons improving Crystal Reports processing, enhancements to job accounting code fields, and provides the ability to record brake inspections using 32nds, millimeters, percentages, or inches.

“Two of Ron Turley’s major points of emphasis in any fleet are mechanic productivity and vehicle safety. These features will help with both, while also saving time and energy. With advancements in technology, and input from our Client Advisory Board, it’s exciting to see these user-requested features come to fruition.” concludes, Turley.


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