Fleet management

SRM 6.0 helps managers of large fleets track their equipment and project their vehicle assets. The Dashboard feature lets managers view the entire lifecycle of assets across the agency, displaying real-time information to monitor and manage their operation. By reducing the administrative burden of interpreting complex spreadsheets and data-intensive reports, it lets managers pinpoint and focus on key issues, monitor them, and take proactive measures to prevent larger problems. Texada Software Inc. www.systematic.com..

Watershed management

Flood Map Desktop is the latest addition to the company's suite of regional watershed management software products. An extension for ESRI's ArcGIS 9.1 desktop software, the product provides Federal Emergency Management Agency partners with the tools required to complete map modernization projects. It resides on the user's desktop—no Internet connection is required. The beta version is available free of charge through the company's Web site. PBS&J. www.pbsj.com..

Earth-measuring software

Earthwork 7.0 includes added and enhanced features, including Linear Foot takeoff for pipe, fencing, and curbs, and Count Item takeoff capabilities for manholes and catchbasins. The new Trench Templates feature incorporates vertical, V-shaped, T-shaped, Y-shaped, and other templates. Also, the various views incorporate trenching, and the Summary View will total trench excavation, backfill, and bedding material. Quest Solutions. www.questsolutions.com..

Construction management

EADOC is a project management tool for construction projects. The Web-based application can be accessed through any browser, on any type of computer. Managers can allow an unlimited number of users so that a project team can gain instant access to all pertinent information, from inception through instruction. Features can be tailored to meet the needs of the job and project team members. EADOC Software. www.eadocsoftware.com..

Infrastructure management

Envista is a real-time infrastructure asset modeling, simulation, and management application that integrates data from GIS, costing, mapping, and asset management programs. It combines GIS data with pre-built models of various asset types and construction cost research data. The base construction models let users automatically derive the current value and asset portfolio and keep it up-to-date. The integration of this information makes it easier to achieve efficient planning and cost savings. Envista Corp. www.envistasoftware.com..

Customer contact system

Contact Center 4.3 is geared toward simplifying contact center operations, improving employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. Multiple servers from different departments can connect and act as one system to share data and minimize constituent frustration from having to hang up and re-dial. Also, during heavy call times, clients can leave a data message that holds their place in line, and the system will automatically call back when a person is available to help. Tadiran Telecom. www.tadiranamerica.com..