Concrete contractors who adopt new ideas and technologies often profit at the expense of the competitors who don't. To survive in a changing market, concrete contractors - even those who are currently successful - have to be willing to adapt and grow. Companies stay in business by responding to customer needs even when those needs change. If you lose touch with your customers, you will soon have a company providing services no one wants.

Avoid being better at giving orders than you are at listening to suggestions. If your employees, customers, and suppliers don't find you receptive to their needs or ideas, they will not want to help you identify areas of your business that can be improved. Without new input and ideas, you're vulnerable to the competition.

To outshine the competition you need to gain an advantage. And the best way to do that is to find out what things are important to your customers (or potential customers, if you want to enter new markets). Talk to several customers and find out what they read, what associations they join, and what trade shows they attend. After a while, you will start to pick up on things that they want or need that you can provide.