FNA Group has completely overhauled the existing product line with upgrades as well as creating new products for industry professionals. The Delco name is well known within the industry for its engineered equipment, high level of quality and performance.

The Delco lineup is redesigned for industrial and commercial applications requiring hot water machines for effective and thorough cleaning. Grease, oil and dirt contaminants are more effectively emulsified and removed with less use of chemicals utilizing Delco Hot Water Cleaning Machines; offering improved results for a more definite purposed cleaning process.

Applications include:
· Public Work Departments
· Construction companies
· Building contractors
· Sewage plants
· Railroad companies
· Tanker facilities
· Plumbing contractors
· Oil service companies
· Oil field equipment
· Gas companies

Phase One includes the release of four innovative models engineered and manufactured for the toughest of jobs. Delco is introducing the Streamliner Series along with the redesigned Cobalt, Eliminator and Patriot Series. Each existing product benefits from a refreshed look with the ability to be customized to best suit the needs of its users. The Cobalt, Eliminator and Patriot Series all feature the new patent pending Axialign pump mounting system, which was developed to improve upon the functionality along with serviceability of existing pump mounting and alignment systems.

The brand new compact hot water skid unit system, the Streamliner, has been designed to adhere to three key categories when cleaning; fit, form and function. Delco phase one models are crafted to provide ease of use, maintenance and installation.

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