Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer Limited (TKPL) announced today it has entered into a manufacturing and distribution partnership with Marathon Equipment Company, a subsidiary of Environmental Solutions Group (ESG).

The partnership underscores the shared values and vision of both companies to become the undisputed global leaders in the waste management equipment market.

TKPL is the manufacturer of the Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer (KP), a robust, powerful system capable of destroying the most demanding of waste materials. In fractions of a second, large volumes of waste and other materials are deconstructed into a fine homogeneous fluff or shattered into small predefined particle sizes, depending on the feedstock. “The KP has a waste reduction process unlike any of our competitors,” states Richard Stevens, EVP Business Development for TKPL. “All other waste processors – mainly chippers, cutters, grinders, shredders and hammer mills – break down waste for compaction or further processing with a direct contact cutting and shearing action,” Stevens explains. “Our KP creates numerous high-velocity tornadoes within the mill using advanced aerodynamic principles. The result is that billions of collisions take place at velocities approaching the speed of sound, causing rapid and violent self-attrition into small high surface area particles ideal for subsequent conversion to energy or dense compaction into the smallest possible volume.”

"The KP represents a breakthrough new size-reduction technology for our industry, and is an integral part of our effort to provide the world's most productive and efficient equipment for the collection and processing of solid waste. Our customers will benefit from the dramatically lower operating costs, and also achieve higher diversion rates as a result of the material processing flexibility and particle size control the KP consistently delivers," said Pat Carroll, President of Environmental Solutions Group.

“Teaming up with Marathon for manufacturing, distribution and service is an exciting development for TKPL,” says TKPL’s John de Roos, Director of Alliances. “This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our core values and focus on solving customer problems through environmentally responsible products and world-class service. Our partnership with Marathon will allow us to leverage its extensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, a wide-reaching service network, and unmatched industry expertise. With Marathon’s sales focus on serving its post-consumer waste market clients in combination with TKPL’s primary focus on commercial, industrial and waste to energy customers our vision is to become the dominant supplier of waste size reduction and feedstock preparation equipment in the Americas.”

Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer Limited.

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