Field data collected can be saved and shared in any of the common file formats used in mapping and engineering applications. It combines accuracy and differential GPR locating capabilities with accurate and responsive GPS location-positioning software in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use operator interface. It does not require complicated setup and network configuration, and automatically connects to the worldwide GPS network and configures as soon as the radar is turned on.

Operators can create an accurate point file and preserve location points without destructive surface markings, display location points on the integrated computer screen, export points to mapping applications and view in real-time locations on as-built maps.

Triple-frequency radar offers superior imaging in a wide variety of applications, from analysis to locating and imaging utilities at depths up to 30 feet twice the depth limit of dual-frequency systems and three times that of single-frequency units. Ultra-wideband pulses combine the advantages of pulse radar and stepped-frequency radar. The system is especially effective in locating objects such as conduit and rebar, and rendering high-resolution imagery of those objects. Direct radio frequency sampling technology creates clearer, easier-to-understand images than previously possible with older radar technologies.

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