The city of Arlington has a new employee tooling around the city's largest sewer pipes, a robot. The robot was built by Pishkur and his staff with materials from Red Zone Robotics and will function as  collaborative project between Arlington City Council and University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

UTA will analyze data collected by the robot, with the hope that it will help Pishkur and his crew locate cracks and wear in the pipeline before the cause major pipeline collapses. The cost for this project will be about $600,000 and about $200,000 will be going to UTA. This still represents almost half the cost of hiring a crew to build the robot and interpret data.

The robot will operate in the area with the city's largest concrete pipes:

The city has 1,222 miles of sewer pipe, but the robot’s workplace will be the 48 miles of the largest concrete pipes, which range from 24 inches to 66 inches in diameter. Those are most important, Pishkur said.

“If you’re going to have a catastrophic failure, it’s going to be in the large pipe,” he said.

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