Vactor HXX ParaDIGm Vacuum Excavator Truck
Vactor HXX ParaDIGm Vacuum Excavator Truck

Federal Signal, based in Oak Brook, Ill., was nominated for the recently launched Vactor HXX ParaDIGm vacuum excavator truck used by utility, municipal and contractor customers throughout North America.

“We are honored that the Vactor HXX ParaDIGm has been selected as a finalist for such a prestigious award. This is a testament to our commitment of offering innovative solutions and products to our customers,” said Jennifer Sherman, president and CEO of Federal Signal Corporation. “Two years ago, we redesigned a portion of our new product development process with focused efforts by our Environmental Solutions Group Utility Innovation Team, the Vactor HXX ParaDIGm launch team, and valuable input from our dealership network. The Vactor HXX ParaDIGm compact vacuum excavator is the first new product introduced as a result of our collective efforts, and is the latest addition to Vactor Manufacturing’s broad product offering of water and air vacuum excavators serving the needs of the industrial, utility and oil and gas markets in the United States and Canada.”

As a Top 100 Finalist, the Vactor HXX ParaDIGm vacuum excavator is also in the running for the annual “People’s Choice Award,” selected through online balloting by the general public at the Chicago

Innovation Awards website. The Top 100 Finalists have been divided into 12 industries, with the Vactor HXX ParaDIGm placed in the Industrial/Manufacturing category along with eight other companies. Online voting for the awards ends on October 6th.

“What I love about Chicago is its breadth of innovation,” said Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder with Chicago journalist Dan Miller, of the awards. “This year’s nominees prove that innovation is taking place in both large companies and small, across industries, for-profit and non-profit, high tech and low tech. These risk-takers and visionaries are at the forefront of solving all kinds of unmet needs in the marketplace.”

Vactor HXX ParaDIGm

The Vactor HXX ParaDIGm vacuum excavator is designed for the utility market to remove soil from around sensitive buried utilities with unmatched speed, precision and safety. Vacuum excavation uses similar technology to that used in sewer line cleaners and catch basin cleaners – high-pressure water and vacuum – as a non-destructive digging medium for a variety of utility and municipal excavation applications, including slot trenching, potholing, water valve box repair and locating of existing fiber-optic lines, cables and other utilities.

“The Vactor ParaDIGm is the result of a comprehensive, customer-focused design process based on qualitative field research involving more than 100 utility customers responsible for expanding, maintaining and repairing underground water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications conduits,” said Sam Miceli, senior vice president of Federal Signal’s Environmental Solutions Group, which includes Vactor Manufacturing. “This product introduction is a perfect example of both Vactor’s commitment to innovation and what the Chicago Innovation Awards celebrate.”

Out of the Top 100 Finalists, judges will select 10 winners of the 2016 Chicago Innovation Awards. More than 1,400 business and civic leaders will come together to honor the award winners when they are announced on October 25th at Chicago’s Harris Theater.

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