Verisae, the leading global provider of maintenance, machine to machine monitoring, and mobile workforce solutions, announced its latest product release, featuring large rollouts planning tools, service process brokering streamlining and a growing library of IoT APIs.

Verisae’s Work Order Marshalling provides a wide view of the project that allows planners to look at month- or year-long timelines and large geographical areas, or zoom in to view street-by-street progress and hour-by-hour planning.

The Work Order Marshalling feature in vx Field enables planners to:
• review and filter large volumes of work, using advanced search techniques, including geo-based tools; and
• group and assign large sets of work orders to the right groups or resources (internal or external) for the planned timeframe.

To help utilities, telecommunications, service management companies and contractors manage a workforce that may include both inside and outside contractors each with its own set of rules, capabilities and capacity Verisae has introduced the Service Brokering feature in vx Maintain. This feature acts as a service broker, helping automate the work handoff from one service organization to the other including the creation, quoting, assignment, work action, and invoicing processes (to the customer and between the service organizations). In addition, enhancements to Verisae’s dispatch application enable field managers to view and manage internal and external resources in one streamlined application within vx Field.


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