VUEWorks is DTS’ enterprise asset management platform that allows clients to inventory, maintain, repair and replace infrastructure and assets within a virtualized world, hosted on a fully-integrated GIS platform. Once data is collected, the software comes into play- and new features and enhancements are steadily available to the growing user base of customers.

VUEWorks’ first mobile application, MobileVUE, allows customers to add, inspect and maintain assets in the field; regardless of whether or not an internet connection is available. This mobile app syncs back with the associated VUEWorks project once online. SnapVUE utilizes the multipurpose smartphone camera to automatically generate service requests to be added to VUEWorks. Snap a photo of the affected item or area, add a note, tag the location, and submit. FacilityVUE allows creation and management of non-spatial assets for more in-depth inventory management.


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