Concord, New Hampshire ? September 27, 2010 ? VUEWorks, Inc. and its channel partner Ruekert-Mielke, Inc. of Waukesha, Wisconsin, are pleased to announce that the City of Waukesha has selected its VUEWorks software for city-wide, GIS-integrated asset management. Waukesha plans to comprehensively track the condition and minimize failure risk of various assets, optimize expenditures and improve service delivery of its physical infrastructure.

Waukesha's Common Council recently mandated that the city perform a comprehensive inventory and condition assessment of its infrastructure facilities, and then purchase a system to proactively manage its assets. Asset management software was used by some individual departments, but the city wanted one system that could be visually navigated and most importantly be GIS-centric. The new system would also handle work orders and service calls, as well as provide analysis tools needed to plan and budget wisely for major maintenance projects.

Commented Greg Schauer, Waukesha's GIS Coordinator: "Map-centricity distinguished VUEWorks from the other asset management solutions we evaluated. All applications can be launched from the GIS map. It is hard to manage physical infrastructure like water systems, storm/sanitary, pavement, street signals and signage without being able to relate it to the map. We were excited to find a system that would work for all staff, and felt it could help with inter-departmental project coordination and maintenance planning. For example, our Public Works department and the water utility can compare notes on which streets and water lines are in most need of *repair, and better coordinate projects ? a huge efficiency gain. We're also planning to use it to comply with signage and sewer regulations, and we hope to improve our response time to citizen concerns. Local support was also important to us, and Ruekert-Mielke has been a long-term, very responsive partner."

Commented Thomas Tym, Principal/Senior Project Manager for Ruekert-Mielke: "We are really excited about the City of Waukesha's selection of VUEWorks for Asset Management purposes.

Ruekert-Mielke originally assisted the City with the design and development of their GIS in the early 1980s. We have an intimate knowledge of the City's GIS data, informational needs, operational challenges, a good working relationship with staff, and the local presence and expertise to support them with their VUEWorks implementation efforts. We look forward to working with City staff and making them a showcase community in Wisconsin for incorporating Asset Management practices in their daily operations and decision making processes."

"VUEWorks is pleased to welcome Waukesha as a customer," commented Alex von Svoboda,VUEWorks' Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The city selected VUEWorks to handle their infrastructure needs holistically so that all departments can share key data and follow a common work process. The partnership between Waukesha, Ruekert Mielke and VUEWorks will help the city move to the next level of strategic asset management."

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