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Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technology revolutionized how public utilities operate. Digital mapping made it easier than ever to locate and identify underground assets. However, the process of pricing asset repair or replacement was still manual. Allocating resources meant relying on historical data, guessing at inflation rates or cross-referencing physical cost books with assets on a GIS map. But that is all changing—advancements in digital technology now make it possible to automate the cost estimating process, saving time and money.

This webinar introduces a new technology combining Esri’s mapping technology, GISinc’s expertise and Gordian’s RSMeans data for easy, automated cost estimates for adding, replacing or repairing water utility assets. Plus, learn how an early adopter uses the software to allocate budget and learn the story of the technology’s origins and growth from one of its developers.

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  • Understand the benefits of using digital technology for utility cost estimates
  • Discover how digital technology is already streamlining a utility’s operations
  • Learn how digital technology can make it easy to allocate resources and run what-if scenarios for better budget creation

This live webinar will take place on Thursday, September 27 at 2 p.m. EST.

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