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Dissolved oxygen instrument
For water quality sampling in water and wastewater applications, the handheld Pro20 can be used in the lab or the field, and users can move from one location to the other by switching cables. It calibrates within 3 seconds with the press of a button, and typically provides an 8-second sampling response time. Measurement modes include DO, lab BOD, barometer, and temperature. Other features include 50 data-set memory and waterproof connectors. YSI Inc.

Dual gravity zone belt press
The WX-D belt filter press features dual gravity zones for maximum hydraulic flow rates per unit of belt width on difficult, low-feed solids biological sludge applications. The integral third belt prethickener accelerates gravity drainage, while the extended gravity and wedge zones provide superior dewatering performance and versatility. Phoenix Process Equipment Co.

Advanced vortex separator
The Downstream Defender vortex separator removes sediments and floatables from stormwater runoff. It can also be used to satisfy stormwater permitting requirements on construction sites. When compared with other structural stormwater chambers, this product provides higher pollutant removal efficiency in a smaller footprint, thus reducing capital costs. It is delivered to the site completely fabricated within a standard precast manhole. Hydro International.

Angled uni-band
The Infi-Shield angled uni-band prevents inflow and infiltration in sanitary manholes, and provides erosion control by preventing siltation in catch basin inlets. The one-piece molded seal has a reinforced, preformed L-shaped corner; it fits any shape manhole or catch basin to provide a flexible watertight seal. Plus, it installs in 10 minutes. It eliminates the need to treat clear water or perform expensive repairs and maintenance so taxpayers save money. Sealing Systems Inc.

Pipe-to-manhole connector
A high-performance, flexible pipe-to-manhole seal for sanitary and stormwater systems, the PSX:Direct Drive Nitrile offers hydrocarbon resistance for applications where there are contaminated soils or effluent streams such as landfill sites. It also offers resistance to mixed contaminated chemistries. Available for most common pipe sizes from 1½-in. to 15-in. diameters, it meets performance and physical property requirements for ASTM C 923 and ASTM C 443. Press-Seal Gasket.

Submersible smart sensor
The AquiStar CT2X submersible conductivity/temperature sensor features built-in datalogging and can store more than 100,000 records of conductivity, temperature, and time data. It incorporates four-pole electrode cell measurement technology, which reduces fringe field interference errors, lessens inaccuracy caused by polarization effects, and lowers contact resistance problems. Users can work with one electrode over a wide range of conductivity. Powered by two AA batteries or an external auxiliary power supply, it comes with Windows-based software and offers one-point calibration. Instrumentation Northwest Inc.

Municipal storage tanks
The company designs, fabricates, and installs tanks for a variety of water and wastewater storage applications including equalization, aeration, sludge, clarification, filtration, digestion, and surface water treatment and storage. These bolted and shop-welded tanks come in capacities of up to 3 million gallons and feature Trico Bond EP coating for long-lasting corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance. Columbian TecTank.

UV system
The medium-pressure InLine+ UV system is optimized to treat high-volume water and wastewater flows, and is validated under the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water for drinking water. The system is currently undergoing U.S. EPA drinking water validation. Aquionics Inc.

Septage receiving station
Designed to receive, screen, and separate solids from raw septage or wastewater, the Spiralift SR is self-contained and streamlined. The septage receiving station incorporates a fine screening shaftless screw system, spray wash, dewatering zone, and complete controls. Compacted solids are conveyed to a convenient elevation for discharge into a bin, bag, or conveyor. It's housed in a stainless steel tank enclosure with quick-disconnect inlet flange for fast connection to septage trucks. An optional billing system is available with keypad or credit card. Franklin Miller Inc.

Custom-designed aluminum covers
The company offers aluminum geodesic domes, extruded and formed flat covers, truss- and joist-supported cover structures, and custom architectural cover designs. The covers can be used for storage tanks in water and wastewater applications as well as for large dome structures storing dry bulk materials. Conservatek.