• The Western Star Serious Trucks Challenge draws in spectators and participants alike. Competing to win prizes which included VIP passes to the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race, drivers had to maneuver ready-mix trucks in confined spaces, simulate concrete pours, and more. Challenges included parallel parking, S curves, driver-side parking, blind-side parking, and stopping on a steeply graded ramp.

    This year’s top five winners were:

    First place: Gary Piercy of Pier C Construction, Othello, Wash., with a score of 50 in 4.46 minutes.

  • Second place: Peter Tanasiychuk of Concrete Ind., Didsbury, Alberta, Canada, with a score of 49 in 3.59 minutes.
  • Third place: Kitt Philips of Ready Made Concrete, Salt Lake City, with a score 48 in 3.33 minutes.
  • Fourth place: Scott Stewart of Divcon Valley, Spokane, Wash., with a score of 48 in 3.58 minutes.
  • Fifth place: Randy Lemmer of Lemmer Enterprises, Zeeland, Mich., with a score of 48 in 4.29 minutes.