Manager skills certification

All FleetWhiz material - such as step-by-step directions for reducing capital and operating budgets by 25% within a year - is written to help managers make defensible buying and outsourcing decisions. LLC.

Propane option for light-duty vehicles

A liquid-injection system converts General Motors (GM) 6.0-liter gasoline engine to run on propane. EPA- and California Air Resources Board-certified. Of the 14 million propane-powered vehicles operating worldwide, only 2% are in the United States. CleanFuel USA is using a $13 million Department of Energy grant to establish 186 refueling stations nationwide. The first, in Houston, opened in December. Clean Fuel USA

Withstands temperatures up to 257° F

The wireless 360HD valve stem-mounted sensor warns drivers of fast leaks via visual and audible alarms. The 'sleep' mode monitors pressure while the engine is off and waits until the ignition's engaged before delivering any warnings. Based on 100,000 annual mileage, the system pays for itself in less than nine months. It monitors up to 36 tires in dual- or wide-base-single configurations. Doran Manufacturing.

Available as one- or two-piece unit

The ¾-in. Torque Master II model 10007 measures 200 to 700 ft. lbs. (NM 300 to 1,000) within ±2%. Esco.

Remote fuel monitoring

Set and enforce restrictions for specific vehicles or drivers by day, week, month, location, and fuel type via the Internet with Web-based Gasboy Plus. The enterprisewide software program consolidates data from multiple sites collected via wireless radio frequency identification (RFID). Gilbarco Veeder-Root.

Wireless brake control for electric trailers

Mount the Innovator to the jack plate or frame, connect one wire to the trailer's battery and the other to the brake wire, and set the load. The transmitter automatically establishes a signal with the control unit to ensure trailer maintains neutral positioning. It complies with U.S. DOT regulations by allowing the driver to actuate the trailer's brakes without stepping on the tow vehicle's brake pedal. Innovative Electronics Inc.

Self-cleaning portable wheel-washer

Attach a 2-in. hose from a water truck or fire hydrant and place the clean-out valve in the open position to flush debris from the one-tire-revolution Tracinator. It can also be installed in-ground. Innovative Equipment Solutions.

Portable scissor lift

Though 6 ft. tall when fully extended, one person can safely and easily move the 110-V-operated USL-6000. Mohawk Lifts. Booth 794.

Customize your search

Define vehicle and fleet types by color, add hot buttons to your toolbar, and detach maps from the dashboard with Version 9.3 of OnlineAVL2. Built on Microsoft's .NET platform, the automatic vehicle locator software provides three-way (satellite, standard, and hybrid) mapping and integrated mapping options for real-time, Web-based asset management. Navman Wireless.

Online educational videos

Learn how to measure, install, operate, and maintain a system that lets drivers engage and disengage tire chains with the flip of a switch. "The Works" CD bulletin # 3132009.2. Onspot of North America Inc. Booth 674.

Minimizes need for treatments, additives

The FPM-050 fuel-polishing module circulates up to 50 gallons/day of diesel, biodiesel, and kerosene to remove emulsified water, preventing corrosion. It's perfect for equipment that sits for long periods between uses or is stored outside or away from grid power during downtime. The optional programmable timer/control turns over fuel during equipment downtime. Parker Energy Systems, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp. Booth 4035.

Dispenser for late-model diesel engines

The Series UR7000 injects urea into a vehicle's exhaust stream to remove enough nitrogen oxide (NOx) to meet federal regulations that went into effect in January. USA Reelcraft Industries. Booth 2871.

Run 30,000 miles without an oil change

Though installed the same way as standard oil filters, the microGreen captures particles 13 to 20 times smaller. Fits vehicle classes 1 through 6. SOMS Technologies LLC.

Electric tongue jack

For couplers with a 2-in. opening, the base model's nontelescoping foot works with a motor to lift the trailer. For trailers with a 21/2-in. coupler opening, the deluxe model's manual telescoping foot eliminates the need to carry a block of wood or other object around to lift the trailer. Both options are rated for 3,500-lb. loads. Valley, division of Thule Towing Systems North America.

Padded mirror covers

Remind everyone that safety's no accident. The flame-retardant and moisture-resistant 18x16-in. Mirror Mitt also can be custom-imprinted. Diversified Specialties.

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