Rocky Agbunag, GISP; Terry Aylward; George Hrichak, CEM, CPFP; Mike Matichich, Becky Tamashasky; Bill B.; Scott M.; Danielle L.

These people have at least one thing in common: They use the professional (as opposed to social) networking website LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be used to keep in touch with colleagues, look for work, discuss industry issues, and research products and services.

They’re also members of the Public Works Magazine group on LinkedIn. They can check in with us and each other whenever they want, read the magazine before it’s mailed, get daily news updates, ask and answer questions common to public works professionals and their vendors without traveling anywhere, and meet new colleagues from all over the world.

Here are three more Public Works Magazine group members: Mike Matichich and Pam Broviak write for us; Mike (who works for a consulting engineering firm) on financing issues and Pam (a transportation department employee) on the use of technology in the profession. Boyd M. Church is one of the people whose innovations we covered in our December 2012 “Mothers of invention” cover story.

While Facebook and Twitter are for communicating with the public, LinkedIn is for communicating with your peers. Many of you will move to and from the public and private sectors both before and after retirement. LinkedIn is a great way to explore potential opportunities and employers.

Not sure how to get started? No problem — we’ve got you covered. Pam writes a blog called “The Works." Her recent piece titled “Social Media in Public Works 101 - Social Networks: LinkedIn” will walk you through the initial joining phase.

I’m going to help as well.

Over the next few weeks., I’m going to ask you to join the Public Works group on LinkedIn. You’ll get an e-mail with a subject line that reads: Stephanie Johnston invites you to join Public Works Magazine on LinkedIn, with a “welcome message” that says, “I would like to invite you to join my group on LinkedIn. –Stephanie.”

I hope you’ll join us and invite others who may benefit from being linked as well.